Why A Business Manager Needs to Learn Analytics

Talk analytics and data and numbers, many a business professional will say that it’s the techie guys’ job and they don’t really care for it much. The analyst gives them the figures and results of the analysis and that is all that they need to know about it.

Traditionally, our jobs have been divided into tech skilled and business skilled. The lines between the two were clearly demarcated, with each set of roles with their own specific responsibilities without any spill over. The business guys never needed to know or understand how the technology they deal with actually works, nor were they expected to build any know how in it.

Times Are A Changing

A business manager, especially in the technology sector, is no longer separate from the technology he serves. If the business is building a technology product for a client, the client expects the Product Managers and Service Managers to understand their specific requirements and convey it exactly to the product team without it getting lost in translation. This applies more so in the field of analytics.

Analytics and Data Science resides in the sweet spot between technological skill and business understanding, and business managers these days are expected to have a fair bit of understanding how data works and what it can do for them. Scratch that, it is not only expected, but also much needed for business professionals to have analytics skills.

Krishna Neeraj is a Service Delivery Manager at IBM India and he faced a similar dilemma. He is a certified PMP and ITIL professional, which made him very good at his job. But he realized there was gap in his understanding of what they clients were requesting and needed the company to do. He says,

“I have a client facing role and increasingly, the client requests has become more and more data driven and coming from a purely business background, I realized I need to bump up my analytics knowledge to keep up with the technology landscape and how the industry is evolving. With this course, not only am I mastering analytics, but I also hope to develop a decent understanding of Machine Learning & Deep Learning, and eventually Artificial Intelligence. I hope to be future ready with these skills in the bag.” 

Analytics as applied to business is critical, and it is safe to say that this is how businesses will grow and function in the coming future – being data dependent and data driven. It has become essential for business professionals to understand the nuances of data analytics and the need to upskill is imperative.

Staying Future Ready

There is a great demand and need for programs for working professionals that help them break the barrier into the world of data, and a good way to go about that is to pursue a program like the Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM) by Jigsaw Academy and University of Chicago Graham School, as Krishna had learnt.

“This is the course that helps you join the fastest growing industry. With automation rising and machine learning being at the tip of everyone’s tongue, it was only natural that I was curious about it and wanted to have a deeper and stronger understanding of it. And the PGPDM was the perfect program for me to do just that!”, adds Krishna.

Applications of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing the way we build our tech products and how we interface with the technology at hand. These are the tools and techniques that will build our future, and to be among the elite few who can work with them, it is an absolute must that we start picking up and learning these skills from now itself.

The PGPDM is the most specialized such program in the country and is aimed at professionals who need to breakthrough to future technologies. Covering the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, this all-inclusive program will build capable professionals who are at the intersection of business and data.

If you want to be ready for the technologies of tomorrow today, then the Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM) is the way to go.

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