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Analytics India Magazine has published their 2018 report – Addressing India’s Reskilling Challenge – A Report By AIM.

The report has its first part focusing on discussing about the type of educational institutions offering data and analytics programs; how the educational landscape is changing in response to the heightened demand for analytics skills and what needs to be done to fill the skill gap.

The second half of the report looks at their last three years ranking data to find out the winning attributes that have helped analytics institutes rank on top consistently and how other training institutes have fared over the last three years.

And guess who has been topping the list!

Here’s what the Analytics India Magazine has to say about Jigsaw Academy:

Jigsaw Academy has consistently been ranked as the #1 Data Science training institute over- 2017, 2016, 2014 and 2013 and also topped the list last year. The reason why Jigsaw Academy clinched the top spot was because the institute is one of the few “specialists” that stuck to its core — developed a set of top programmes in collaboration with international universities that are suited to beginners, developers and even leaders to fill the data science talent gap in India.

In the last 8 years, Jigsaw Academy has developed an elite set of graduates from over 30+ countries who are crosstrained in all aspects of data science and data visualization and are working across 3000+ companies. In this report, we look at Jigsaw Academy’s role in leading the data science revolution in India and how it is advancing data science and AI education in India. We also look at the reasons why we believe Jigsaw Academy has become the home for data science education, providing a broad set of audience with a comprehensive curriculum that allows them to shift careers into analytics and data science domain effectively.

Click here to know more about the metamorphosis of Jigsaw Academy to UNext!!

To read the full article, click here.

Also, here’s the full report:

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