The Enterprise Genie: Bringing analytics to the mainstream

The Enterprise Genie (TEG) provides expertise in business intelligence and predictive modelling to help companies make data-driven decisions to drive their businesses.

Its founder Arvind Nagpal has 20 years of experience and has worked with companies like Mu Sigma (COO) and Cognizant. The company focuses on the  retail and CPG space and has expertise in marketing analytics, store analytics, sales analytics, pricing analytics and supply chain optimization. TEG works extensively with CPG data from information provider, Information Resources Inc. (IRI) and also AC Neilsen.

TEG’s USP is that their solutions are provided on a hosted platform as a service enabling ease of use for the client.

The company has clients in the US and Latin America and has also made strides in the Indian market. Clients include Nike, Lifestyle, Avon, Clorox and J&J.

TEG is currently looking for Statisticians, Business analysts, domain experts and SAS experts.

Qualifications for Statisticans

§  The ideal candidate will have experience in data rich environment; global delivery experience will be preferred.

§  Comprehensive knowledge/understanding of applied statistical principles and modeling in the design and analysis of business problems.

§  Strong knowledge of statistical methods such as statistical process control, predictive modeling, hypothesis testing, sampling and design of experiments

§  Proficiency in some of the statistical modeling techniques such as hypothesis testing, Regression analysis, Factor and Cluster analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Control Charts, Time series analysis, CHAID/ CART, Predictive Modeling (e.g., choice, media, revenue, pricing and brand image modeling, customer behavior modeling such as satisfaction, purchase propensity, loyalty/lifetime value, system dynamic, operation research and econometric modeling)

§  Ability to effectively collaborate, communicate, and influence throughout multiple levels of the organization.

§  Education: MS or PhD in statistics or other related field with high statistical content

Visit their careers page for more details.

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