4 Must Read Web Analytics Books That Will Help you Take Charge of Your Career

Sanchita Lobo

Introduction to Web Analytics Books

Interested in Web Analytics? Want to begin to understand what Web Analytics is all about but don’t know where to start? Well, don’t despair. We know how overwhelming it can be, so are here to help. We have compiled a list of the top four Web Analytics books out there that will give you a great head start into the wide, wonderful world of Web Analytics.

Web Analytics: An Hour a Day: Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik is the rock star of Web Analytics and is well known for his web analytics blog Occam′s Razor. This book of his is a comprehensive guide to implementing a successful web analytics strategy and covers basic terminology, tool selection/implementation, online segmentation, conversion rates improvement, competitive analysis, and many others. It clearly explains how to move beyond clickstream analysis, and why qualitative data should be your focus and gives clear insights and techniques that will help you develop a customer-centric mindset without sacrificing your company’s bottom line.

Web Analytics 2.0: Avinash Kaushik

A great follow-on read to Kaushik’s Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, this book further goes on to give more concrete and in-depth techniques for a successful web strategy. Kaushik explains clickstream data, testing, Voice of Customer, social, mobile, and video, and is also a great resource for those considering a career in web analytics.

Web Analytics Action Hero: Using Analysis to Gain Insight and Optimize Your Business: Brent Dykes

Brent Dykes is a director of consulting at Adobe and quite the web analytics guru. In this book, Dykes shows how you can be a Successful Analyst in a Corporate Environment. He addresses topics that analysts and online marketers need to know and shows how to drive change by moving beyond plain reporting, more toward analysis. The book will help someone become an analyst, and it will help analysts become better.

Complete Web Monitoring:

Alistair Croll  and Sean Power

This book takes a closer look at data warehousing and web analytics. The authors give an interesting perspective that websites are multi-faceted and thus generate information from different perspectives, with each perspective giving its own view of what is happening. The book categorizes online business into four categories: Media, Transaction, Collaboration, and SaaS and explains how the various facets of web analytics like usability, surveys, page performance, monitoring, online community management and collaboration can fit together to give you precise actionable insights.

These four books will definitely give you an introductory perspective on web analytics, but remember in the digital world things are constantly changing. To keep up to date with the latest trends and tools, you must also actively engage with the web analytics community, follow blogs and participate in discussions.

Experts predict that 2016 will be the year of the web analyst. Companies are racing to expand their e-commerce departments and are hiring aggressively. Top of the list of new recruits is web or digital analysts. Though there are many people out there that are Google Analytics experts, they really won’t make the cut, because what businesses really want are specialists with great mathematical skills, strong business acumen and a real understanding of their customers. As a top recruitment director recently said, “Specialist Web Analysts are like gold dust, and they’re not just going to turn up out of the blue; we have to be more creative when searching for talented analytical talent.”

To read more about why Web Analytics Training is important take a look at this article Why Web Analytics Training In India is a Great Choice?

So, if you are really serious about a career in web analytics, put your best foot forward and start investing in some web analytics skills. The future is yours…take charge.

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