Looking for Big Pay in Analytics? Machine Learning Is the Way to Go!

Analytics as a career option is currently the hottest choice out there. With the stress on using data for business practices becoming increasingly important and relevant, people who can work with data are now getting all the attention. In fact, people in analytics are among the highest paid professionals in India and worldwide.

Among all the different skills and roles in analytics, Machine Learning right now seems to be the best bet. Don’t believe us? Check out the Analytics Industry Report 2017, by Jigsaw Academy and Analytics Vidhya, India’s leading analytics community.

The report has new and interesting findings about the trends and salaries in the analytics sector, and as per the report, Machine Learning skills pay the top moolah, with professionals averaging a pay of Rs. 10.43 LPA (lacs per annum). The interesting thing is that this is above what people get paid on an average for Big Data skills, which is at Rs. 9.93 LPA.

The best insight comes from the fact that the industry and recruiters realize the significance of both Big Data and Machine Learning, and hence offer the top pay to those professionals with both these skills – with an average pay of Rs. 13.91 LPA. The mantra seems to be to double your skills for a better pay.

Machine learning is being already being used across industries to automate and execute numerous tasks. Whether you are hailing a cab, making an online purchase, or using your smartphone assistant, it is all machine learning at work.

If you want to future proof your career, Machine Learning is the way to go.

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