Hybrid Cloud Examples: Basics With Benefits


Before we step into the examples of hybrid cloud, we first need to understand what is a hybrid cloud? Cloud solutions are emerging as a trend these days which help in providing a great deal of help and effortless experience for organizations. The most emerging of these are hybrid computing or hybrid cloud computing. Many organizations and enterprises are adopting a hybrid approach for IT infrastructure, managing data and so on.

  1. Types of Cloud storage
  2. Hybrid Cloud
  3. Benefits of Hybrid cloud
  4. Example of Hybrid cloud

1. Types of Cloud storage:

It’s quite important to understand the concept & types of cloud computing before we hop into Hybrid cloud functionality. There are four cloud models on which the industries work.

The most common is a public cloud in which the data is provided and readily available for everyone i.e. general public and large industries available over the internet. The backup data and storage services are provided free of charge or user basis.

The next one is the private cloud structure where the services are owned and used by a single organization. The complete management and operation services are performed by the organization itself or any third party. It may also be a combination of both depending upon the requirement. It is mostly used for extra sensitive data and regulatory concerns.

The hybrid cloud is the combination of both public, private or community cloud. Industries and organizations prefer it for the purpose of safety and security of data. It is quite cost-effective due to which the demand for this type of cloud service increases.

Community cloud services are some which are spread across communities who require similar data with common concerns. Several organizations with the related community are placed in a single cloud with shared data services.

2. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is specified as a mixture of both public and private cloud systems. It mixes together the public hosting from infrastructure as a service vendor along with private cloud which is set up internally. These cloud systems are established in separate locations for functioning. Each of them has its own data center and specifications. The interaction occurs through a connection which permits the flow of information between them.

Hybrid clouds are two completely different clouds joined together rather than considering as only public and private aspect. This is how a hybrid cloud model works. The major benefit for the organizations is that it allows storing data which is privileged and protected on the private cloud on which running an application relies on. Companies prefer this cloud as a solution to store sensitive data on a private cloud while easily performing functioning from the private cloud.

Many companies also take this as an advantage to manage their workloads during the peak time of their business which rises and falls throughout the year. For example, if there is a sudden rise in demand of the software which processes transactions, the business makes a strategy to set up on the private cloud and burst the public one to avoid problems during rising in demand.

3. Benefits of Hybrid cloud

  • It maintains private infrastructure which results in data storage along with less effort and smooth functioning
  • Additional resources can be accessed at the time of need
  • Hybrid cloud is cheaper in price with huge advantages and is very cost-effective.
  • Easy migration from one cloud to another with no hassle and low risk of data loss.

4. Example of Hybrid cloud

There are industries and organizations who have experienced greater benefit while using the Hybrid cloud computing model. The organizations are benefitted by the highly compelling advantages offered by the hybrid solution.

Let’s have a look hybrid cloud computing examples which benefit the industries and organizations in a great deal.

  • The industry which is most benefitted with the Hybrid cloud computing is the ones who provide financial services. This can be a perfect public private hybrid community cloud example. Mostly the private cloud is for accessing trade services however public cloud is mostly used in trade analytics. There is a difference between the two, private is involved in the trading process while the public is involved in statistics of trade occurred. In this way, most of the organizations are able to reduce their space requirements which enhances the functioning in a better manner.
  • It is also commonly used in bigger hospitals; we can say mostly in healthcare services where the IT model is transferring the data of the patients within healthcare facilities to the insurance companies by which the access is transferred to insurance service providers to have a hold of data. This is a great example of public private hybrid and community cloud where the cloud infrastructure is provided from one location to another for data transfer services. 
  • Another higher industry which is spread all over who uses this type of cloud services is retail services. This is a perfect example of private public and hybrid cloud. The component of public cloud is quite efficient in processing sales data and track records which is quite a critical subject taken care of. 
  • Law firms are also a place where hybrid cloud computing is quite popular. This is also one of great hybrid cloud example. The data stored in the cloud is on the public cloud which connects with their own private cloud to avoid any data loss which contains sensitive information due to any circumstances where there is any kind of theft or hardware failure, or for that matter any kind of natural disaster which occurs and can be unavoidable. These instances can affect data storage due to which companies and industries find hybrid computing quite useful. 
  • One of the hybrid cloud examples is an e-commerce store. These are widely used in e-commerce stores. The demand for e-commerce and online stores is quite high due to faster digitization in the world. This is quite important to secure data and store information. A sudden spike in demand of items during a season also becomes a challenge to store information and data to a place which is secured due to which Hybrid cloud services are much in demand to keep data safe and secure along with making space available for the smooth functioning of resources. 


Talking about the other examples which include the combination of one or more cloud services such as banking and financial service which are a great example of private public and hybrid cloud. These industries take immense benefits out of such cloud computing structure which includes simple deployment, less efficient marketing services, cost efficiency, effective utilization of resources. 

These are highly effective in natural disaster and calamities which saves data in an efficient manner as the organizations cannot really afford to lose the data with extra-sensitive information.  Also, highly renowned organizations are perfect public private hybrid community cloud examples which use all types of cloud services to make their data systems quite efficient and working down the line.

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