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Gaining knowledge, as clichéd as it may sound is a perpetual learning process. If it stops growing, it is not knowledge, just information. From grade school to grad school, we learn more and more about different things, and as such never truly stop learning. With technology at the forefront of innovation and changing the world, data seems to be in the smack dab middle of everything. A simple statistic shows that there will be well over 50 billion connected devices by the end of the decade. The amount of data that will be generated, and that needs to be analysed, simply put is downright outrageous.

It is safe to say that the sexiest job of the 21st century, that of the Data Scientist and Data Analyst, will not be knocked out from its position anytime soon.

Data Makes the World Go Round

From the money we spend to the purchases we make to even when we casually browse webpages we are generating data at every step. For businesses, this is a boon as the availability of customer information and data at such a scale and with segregation is unprecedented. Finance, Retail, HR, Operations, Marketing; take your pick and each of these is using data analysis to leverage growth and overall better decision making. If there ever was a time to get on the data bandwagon, it’s now!

The methods, techniques, and tools of analytics and data science are not straight line processes where one size fits all. Though the wireframe is similar, each sector uses it differently and herein rests the opportunity for many a data geek. Every sector and every job in the analytics field requires a certain specific skillset on how to manage and analyse a particular kind of data. There seems to be no dearth in the amount of knowledge that can be gained through the study of these different methodologies. A career in analytics is all about doing different things and growing from this experience. When it comes to analytics, just when you thought you now know it all, something new comes up, always. An analytics expert is one who can effortlessly dabble in any sector with data analysis as their core skill.

But how does one go from a novice to a guru? Where can one learn all there is to learn about analytics in a single textbook? While there is no such book, we have crafted a course package that covers the breadth of analytics and includes data practices from different sectors, tools, and techniques.

The Solution: One Offer to Rule Them All

After a careful analysis and observation of the courses that most students opted for, we realized there is an underlying pattern to this learning behaviour. People are not content with learning just one particular too, but are in a race to learn all they can about analytics. With this as our focus, we are packing 10 of our most popular courses into a single bundle with an exclusive price offering. The big idea behind this offering is to provide students with all the resources they could have ever imagined to build their analytics skills.

Take a sneak peek at each of our courses in the 99K offerings:

  1. Data science with SAS
  2. Data science with R
  3. Big Data Certification Course (International certificate from Wiley Publications)
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Advanced certification in Retail Analytics
  6. Advanced Certification in Financial Analytics
  7. Text Mining with R
  8. VBA for Reporting and Analytics
  9. Fraud Analytics
  10. Analytics for Leaders

Seeing how analytics as a study/sector is ever-growing, we have categorised the courses from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Advanced’ across different domains and tools. As a premier analytics training institute, we believe the knowledge to be gained from analytics is not going to stop, and neither should you. Amassing such a monumental skillset does take time and effort, but when this puts you at the top, isn’t it worth it?

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