Checkout What Some Jigsawites Have Been Analyzing- The Competiveness Between Teams Playing FIFA Qualifier and Group Stage Matches

Getting into the spirit of FIFA, a team of students from Jigsaw Academy, recently completed an interesting analysis on the 202 teams that competed in the Qualifying rounds of the FIFA World Cup 2014, out of which 32 teams entered the Group Stage matches. The students, Aditya Chavali, Tanurag Chowdhary, Shyam A, Parindsheel D and Siddarth B, using data from a total of 868 matches (Qualifying stage: 820 & Group Stage: 48) tried to find out which of the two is more competitive and by what parameters.

The following insights were discovered:

Group stage games are more competitive with 44% being won by a margin of a single goal.

  • Group stage games are more competitive with 44% being won by a margin of a single goal.

  • The number of comebacks from teams losing at the end of the first half doubled in      Percentage in the group stage.

  •  0-0 draws happened at half the frequency in the qualifying stages.

  •  Average number of goals scored in the second half is almost 10% higher in the group stage.

  • England are the biggest chokers in this World Cup winning all qualifiers but losing all group games.

The above stats and insights clearly demonstrate that group stages and round of 16 are
much more competitive than the qualifiers.

 Based on the insights gained, the team at Jigsaw worked at creating an infographic that depicts the comparisons.

“With FIFA fever in the air, this was a really interesting project to work on. It was a great learning experience to be able to put our analytics theoretical knowledge into practice.” says Tanurag Chowdhary, Jigsawite.

Jigsaw mentors guided the students in their analysis and felt that the students worked well together and were able to approach the analysis from the right angle. The insights they came up with were interesting and reinforced all the learning they do in the virtual classrooms. They get to think like professional analysts and use the date at hand as they would in the real analytics world.

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