Role Of MSBI Developer: A Basic Overview In 2021


Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI Full Form) is a suite which comprises of tool which provides an extremely efficient solution for business. It has multi-dimensional data organising and visualization ability. You can use these methodologies to implement a solution that adds value to your business. Also we will understand the role of a MSBI Developer in this article. So, let’s separate these terms business and intelligence. It ultimately means you can add intelligence to your business. It enables you as a business leader to make better decisions. That can ETL – extract, transform and load data. Hence enabling a large database for better analysis.

  1. Why MSBI over other Business Intelligence?
  2. What is MSBI Developer?
  3. How to become MSBI developer
  4. MSBI Job Description
  5. MSBI developer salary type and MSBI technology future explained

1. Why MSBI over other Business Intelligence?

  • Easy data exploration and visualisation: – MSBI makes you use different functions like pie-charts and graphs. Using a 3D graph used by scientific communities for a clear representation of large numbers. With MSBI, you can also use a trellis chart for comparison of data trends with time bounds.
  • Managed self-service BI Tools: – For instance, Microsoft services are day-to-day used by professionals. Microsoft BI tools like MS Excel are available to everyone. Earlier, these BI tools were handled by various experts and managers, which was a problem faced by employees. They had to call IT Departments for small problems, which can now easily solved by MSBI tools.
  • Full use of native excels features: – As you all know, MS Excel makes it easy to collect data and generate eye-catching and visually appealing analysis. MSBI provides great quality dashboards. The access to information and monitoring virtually data source across the organisation through content-driven dashboards that combine data from multiple databases into a single visually appealing chart.
  • Full Support to .Net, Web Services: – The Cherry on the cake is that SQL is owned by Microsoft Corporation, which ultimately provides a great user experience and ease of use.
  • Complete END to END solutions: – MSBI uses various services like SQL Servers. Apart from these, it uses different and completely separate tools like visual studio, online transaction processing, data warehouse, data mart, BI semantic model, and data mining.
  • Data warehouse applications:- Business Intelligence always requires different analytical needs. The data warehouse is best for extracting information to carry out the analytical process efficiently. It has data sources for all kinds of data types.

2. What is MSBI Developer?

The Role and responsibilities of a MSBI developer

  • The role of a business developer is designing and developing solutions based upon queries and requests for data and store them in specific data warehouses and transform data into some useful insights. 
  • To work upon these ideas, the developer must present these solutions to the management.
  • To constantly monitor, debug and troubleshoot these solutions for a more specific output. 

3. How to become MSBI developer

To become a successful MSBI developer, you need to have some MSBI developer skills.

  • Familiarity with BI technologies (e.g. Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI).
  • In-depth knowledge of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and ETL (Extract, transform, and load).
  • Deep knowledge of SSRS (SQL Server reporting services), SSAS (SQL server analysis services), SSIS (SQL Services Integration services), MDX (Multidimensional Expressions).
  • Problem-solving capabilities and being innovative and initiative.
  • Physical data modelling and data warehouse designing in SQL.
  • Basic programming languages like C#, python, and Transact-SQL.
  • Focus on Data security as the most important asset in the 21’st century is “Data”.
  • Communication skills must be good as you have to report to seniors and top management.
  • Basic testing and troubleshooting skills.

4. MSBI Job Description

Companies and enterprises usually look for developers with good experience to create and manage Bi analytical solutions who know how to fetch and refine data and background in data analysis.

Some basic business kills are appreciated as :

  • Good communication skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Problem-solving skills and attitude
  • Ability to make tough decisions and powerful business decisions

5. MSBI developer salary type and MSBI technology future explained

Though you have reached the end of the article thinking that it’s going to be an easy job, to be honest, it’s not going to be that easy at it may require some Certifications to prove to an employer that you have what it takes to be a part of their journey.

  • MCSA is the most common and basic certification you need to have in your MSBI portfolio as it validates your ETL skills, OLAP skills, Data Warehouse skills and BI Expertise.
  • Get fundamental BI skills. Read about SQL data types for OraclePL/SQL, MySQL, SQL servers and MS Access.
  • Apply for Certifications. On the completion of Training in MSBI and as per your interests from a place, you can learn to be a better developer.
  • At last, apply for Jobs to showcase your skills and get what you deserve.


As per, the average pay for a fresher MSBI developer earns up to $68500 to $88500. By this, it’s ensured that MSBI has a bright future as the internet is reaching millions everyday data is collection is increased exponentially. 

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