Top Web Mining Tools in 2021: A Complete Guide


Web mining tools are computer software that discovers patterns from huge data sets by using data mining techniques. Having web-based data mining tools is going to be a gateway to get the right information. To know some of the popular web mining tools around the web, then keep reading this article to explore them. 

List of web mining tools

  1. HITS algorithm
  2. Scrapy
  3. PageRank Algorithm
  4. R
  5. Octoparse
  6. Tableau
  7. Oracle data mining
  • HITS algorithm

HITS algorithm is the link scrutiny algorithm that charges web pages. It is also called authorities and hubs. The first move in this algorithm is to regain the most appropriate pages for the search queries. This set is termed the root set and can be acquired by getting the top pages restored by a text-based search algorithm. A basic set is led by increasing the origin set with all the web-based pages that are connected from it and a part of the pages that connect to it. 

  • Scrapy

Scrapy is the finest web usage mining tool. It is an open-source framework that helps in extracting data from websites. It is written in Python and the rules can be written to extract web data. It is deemed to be an entire solution as a web scraping tool because it can handle requests, follow redirects, maintain user sessions, and manage output pipelines.

  • PageRank Algorithm

PageRank Algorithm is the widespread web-based mining algorithm. It is a link scrutiny algorithm and it allocates a numeral weighting to every element of a hyperlinked form of documents, like the world wide web, with the objective of estimating its comparative importance within the set. It may be applied to any bunch of entities with references and reciprocal quotations.

  • R

R is a language for graphics and statistical computing. It has been made available from script languages like Ruby, Python, Perl, etc. R sustains proceeding programming with functions and object-oriented programming manner with general functions. A general function behaves differently depending on the classes of reasoning passed to it.

  • Octoparse

Octoparse is a potential web data mining tool that automatizes web data derivation. It allows you to create highly accurate extraction rules. Octoparse makes it faster and easier to get data from the web without in need of coding. The extraction rule would tell this software: which website is to go to; what kind of data you want; where the data is you plan to crawl, etc. 

  • Tableau

Tableau is one of the most efficient and quickly growing interactive data visualization tools employed in the business intelligence industry, enabling us to simplify raw data into an accessible format. Tableau allows data to be transformed into interactive visualizations in the form of dashboards and worksheets. It is possible for any employee at any level in the company to interpret the data created with the help of Tableau.

  • Oracle data mining 

Oracle Data Mining is an internet data mining software designed by oracle. Its processes use the embedded traits of the oracle database to optimize expandability and use effectively system resources. With the aid of Oracle Data Mining, it is capable to figure out predicting patterns within the oracle data so that it can easily anticipate customer behavior, emphasize your particular group of customers, and develop customer profiles.


Web mining tools are numerous and each of them has its positives and negatives. It depends on what your business is and the kind of perceptions you are in search of. If you can recognize your requirements and consequently lookout for a tool that meets your requirements, you can create the competitive benefit you are seeking. A lot more tools are around that you might find as the domain of web mining continues to rise and extend.

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