Why every organization needs a Bootcamp vaccination strategy

No one wants thickly staffed workbenches anymore. While the size of the Indian IT industry’s reserve bench for resource is thinning, lean recruitment processes are becoming norm of the day. Companies now want to hire industry-ready fresh graduates. But a growing skill deficit means 80% of engineers are not fit for the job. With only 4.6% of them possessing required competency in Coding and 2.5% in Artificial Intelligence, the talent shortage is presenting stiff challenges to businesses. In a further shock to the sorry state of affairs, graduates and engineers are found to be completely ill-equipped with emerging skills like Machine Learning, Data Science, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, etc. No wonder, according to a Gartner-CIO study, ‘lack of skills and resources’ have been cited as the number one obstacle to achieving organizational goals. The technology landscape is evolving at a fast pace and businesses need to keep up with the pace. Gone are the days of outdated, overpriced, one-size-fits-all ineffective training. Welcome to result-oriented, commitment driven, quick, agile Bootcamp training programs. Count these among reasons as to how administering a Bootcamp vaccine helps organisations become immune to skill crisis and shine healthily. 

  1. Making fresh graduates and early career professionals project ready: Bootcamp programs aim to train fresh graduates and early career professionals industry ready. At Jigsaw, experienced faculty train students on Data Science, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structure, Algorithm, Cyber Security and other emerging concepts as per the needs of the businesses.   
  2. Creating a skill bank around emerging technologies: An organisation runs by the skills it possesses. The technology talent scarcity has businesses scrambling to make sure employees are updated with new technology skills. Business need employees that can competently perform new work, fill emerging roles and adapt to existing jobs to integrate more technology, data, and automation. To improve internal talent competency towards technologies of tomorrow L&D runs cross-training bootcamp programs to round of their employees’ skills.
  3. Customized training: Not only are L&D increasingly seeking cutting edge training solution very specific to the evolving business need, but they also expect it to be taught rigorously within a tight frame for a definite outcome in face-to-face classroom sessions. With reskilling, upskilling and transition in focus, the bootcamp training can be as customised as each function and as dynamic as a new role.
  4. Driving learner engagement: As employees have less and less time allocated for training, organisations are continuously including short, intensive and deadline driven bootcamp training programs in their planning.

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