How an online PG degree in Management can help students develop their leadership and global strategy skills

Publication: The Times of India
September 4, 2022

Postgraduate degrees in management are popular thanks to the growing demand for management professionals across sectors. With a management degree, career prospects are vast – graduates can confidently start a career or establish their own business enterprises. Now, students have the option to pursue PG degrees in management online. These online degrees such as online MBA, give higher accessibility, convenience and flexibility and enable working professionals to learn without altering their work schedules.

Build strategic and leadership skills with a PG degree in management

In this globalised era, PG degrees in management focus on preparing globally competent professionals. Here are some of the elements included in such programmes.

  1. Interdisciplinary expertise: An online PG degree in management strengthens students’ business and management skills while enhancing their strategic thinking and decision-making capabilities. It prepares learners for managerial roles as well as entrepreneurial endeavours by instilling competencies to work across sectors and functions such as finance, marketing, HRM, etc. These competencies allow them to emerge as interdisciplinary experts.
  2. Industry-relevant specialisations: Online MBA from world-class institutions like Manipal Academy of Higher Education offer specialisations in emerging domains such as Business Analytics, Data Science, Healthcare Management, Pharmaceutical Management, Fashion Management, and others. These domains are evolving at a global level, and the concepts covered in these subjects have international validity.
  3. Strategic and leadership- specific subjects: Online PG programmes in management emphasize a holistic development of candidates with skills in leadership and strategic thinking. For example, few online MBAs cover subjects like strategic management, international HRM, international finance management, and business leadership to name a few.

Think globally with online learning

I’ve listed a few benefits of pursuing an online PG degree in management that can help students develop leadership and global strategy skills.

  1. Global perspective: Students from diverse backgrounds, geographies, and age groups enroll in online degree programs, especially at top universities. It is helpful for each learner to acclimatise themselves to various perspectives and expand their outlook on each concept. In management roles, professionals must have a broader perspective on the tasks or projects they take up. Having a global outlook will improve their scope.
  2. Borderless networking: In order to sustain in the volatile competitive world, it is necessary for a candidate to have a robust professional network. Interacting with their faculty and peers from various countries as part of online coursework will strengthen the professional networks of online learners.
  3. Bridge cultural divide: Cultural competence is a key skill for management professionals who wish to work on a global scale. Cultural competence is one’s ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with people from different cultures. Pursuing an online degree from a world-class institution enables students to familiarise themselves with people from diverse cultures and linguistic backgrounds. It will be helpful for such students to settle into organizations with multicultural workforce and grow up the leadership ladder.
  4. Gain digital skills: The digital disruption driven by cutting-edge technologies is reinventing organizations across industries. The pandemic has already impacted the work culture, and now companies are hiring talents from different regions and offering them remote and hybrid working options. All employees especially managers and leaders must develop skills like collaboration, team management, time management, interpersonal, and communication skills in the digital platform to perform tasks effectively and ensure the productivity and efficiency of the team.

Online learning, apart from providing flexibility and accessibility, has many other benefits. By doing an online MBA and other online PG degree programs in management, learners can gain several in-demand skills that provide them with competitive advantage at the global level. In sum, interactive online degree courses are preparing a global workforce to meet the emerging demands.

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