Cloud Architect Interview Questions – A Simple Guide For 2021


The architecture of cloud computing builds the foundation which helps the front-end and back-end platforms to interconnect with one another. It acts as an infrastructure for the functioning and development of cloud services. 

List of Cloud Architect Interview Questions

Following are the list of questions asked during an interview for Cloud Architect :

  • How to connect Applications to Cloud Services?

Initially, VPNs or FTP were used for loading data but they were not much effective and efficient. Now one can use Hybrid Integration for connecting on-premise applications to Cloud Services. Public cloud set-ups do not provide much control, so it is advisable to select good cloud providers like GCloud, Azure to have more authority over it. Also, the setup needs to have an encrypted channel to communicate with private cloud infrastructure.

  • How can one protect against an injection attack?

Minimizing and if possible avoiding the usage of dynamic SQL. Also, one should ensure constant monitoring of the SQL statements with connecting with the web applications. 

  • What strategy should be implemented for the migration of applications to the Cloud?

Various strategies can be implemented depending on the circumstances.

Re-hosting: Organizing applications to cloud hardware setup while configuring the application host accordingly. This is fast and easy while forgoing scalability

Re-platforming: Without changing the core architecture, here application is run directly on the cloud vendor’s platform. 

Re-purchasing: Old application needs to be changed with the new one which can be expensive as well. 

Re-factoring: This involves revamping the infrastructure or adding new features or improving overall performance.

  • How can a solution architect do to upkeep a functional analyst?

Generally, a solution architect acts as a leader to foster communication and collaboration and make sure that a financial analyst knows that the solution architect is approachable when needed.

  • What is API Gateway?

API Gateway handles protocol translations by making it suitable for microservices to make use of multiple APIs. It acts as an entrance door for a collection of microservices. 

  • Describe a protocol for ensuring the security

An organization’s data is the most crucial element of its survival. It helps them in carrying on their business. Some of them relate to trade secrets which need to be confidential at all cost as it can hamper if there is any kind of data breach, leakage, or cyber-attack. Hence, simple solutions like data back-up, encryption of data by using strong passwords, virus protectors can be used. IT Department at a large level has the role of making strong internal control systems for ensuring the best protection to the data.

  • What is Service Less?

AWS Lambda (Service less) aids in running the code without the requirement of servers. The code is executed only in case of need. Hence, it is called Service less. Developers can host the application code without any administration and they pay only for the time consumed.

  • Why should NoSQL databases be replaced compared to traditional relational databases?

NoSQL organizes and deploys a bulk volume of data which may be structured/ unstructured. It is suitable for those whose development practices involve quick iterations, dynamic code pushes. It is also easy and flexible to use.

  • What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service which provides an infrastructure to the code developers. Developers share innovative ideas and bits of advice. It is a leading PaaS service. It helps businesses in running applications to power their business with lean resources. AWS is a multi-service providing cloud computing solution of many web services with various benefits. 


Thus cloud architecture is an online infrastructure on which all the necessary components are inter-connected to present an online platform. This platform helps applications to run. Cloud architecture is thus infinite and can use processing power and storage as per business requirement based on requirement and the data will be remotely stored.

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