100 Important Selenium Interview Questions (2021)


When preparing this list of 100 selenium interview questions, what is covered are and keeping in mind that some selenium interview questions will be targeted at freshers, there are selenium basic interview questions. It would be worth making this list a list of selenium interview questions and answers with subdivisions like selenium framework interview questions, selenium web driver interview questions, selenium tester interview questions and selenium automation interview questions.

Here’s the list of Selenium Interview Questions:

1) What is Selenium composed of?

2) What is different in Selenium 2.0?

3) What is Selenium 3.0?

4) How can one find an element in Selenium?

5) What test types does Selenium support?

6) Explain the assertion and types of assertion in Selenium.

7) How is X-path used?

8) List differences in single and double slash in the X-path?

9) What technical challenge does one face in Selenium?

10) Explain the difference between type commands and type keys.

11) Explain the differences between assert and verify commands?

12) What is a JUnit Annotation and list the different types of annotations?

13) How can you use the screen coordinate when using the click command? 

14)  What are the Selenium’s advantages?

15) Why should testers opt for Selenium instead of QTP?

16) What are Selenium’s four parameters that need to be passed?

17) Explain differences between sleep() and setSpeed() methods?

18) Explain same-origin policy and how to avoid it.

19) Why are ‘heightened privileges browsers’ named so?

20) How does one use “submit” a form in Selenium?

21) What features and functionalities in TestNG make it more effective?

22) Explain the differences between Explicit wait and Implicit wait.

23) If the script in a frame has “if no frame Id, as well as no frame name”, which attribute, should be used? 

24) Explain the differences between find element () and find elements ()?

25) What is Selenium’s linked JUnit’s annotations?

26) Explain the difference between Keyword driven and Data-driven frameworks?

27) How does one login into a site, when it displays an authentication popup for username and password?

28) How does one assert text of a webpage with Selenium 2.0?

29) What is the difference between Selenium and Borland Silk?

30) Explain Object Repository?

31) Explain the working of a Selenium Grid?

32) How can one use the Selenium grid for performance testing?

33)  Explain the advantages of Selenium Server over the Webdriver?

34)  What are the capabilities of Selenium 2.0 and Selenium WebDriver?

35)  When injecting capabilities to perform browser tests in web driver explain what isn’t supported and limitations faced.

36)  How does one use the Selenium Web driver to find broken images on a page?

37)  How does one handle colours using a web driver?

38)  Explain how to store a value which is a text box using a web driver.

39)  How does one switch between frames in Selenium?

40)  List 5 different exceptions faced in the Selenium web driver?

41)  Explain the double click operation in Webdriver?

42) How does one upload a file using Selenium?

43) Which web driver’s implementation is the fastest?

44) How does one use Selenium 2.0 to handle frames?

45) Explain how getwindowhandle() and getWindowhandles() are different.

46) How does one switch back from a frame?

47) What are the different types of locators?

48) What commands are used to display the variable’s values on the log or output console?

49)  How does one use the recovery scenario in Selenium?

50) How does one iterate through options in a test script?

51) Explain how to prepare customized HTML reports using TestNG in a hybrid framework?

52) How does one create HTML test reports from a test script?

53)  How does one in Selenium IDE insert a breakpoint?

54)  Explain how to debug the tests in Selenium IDE?

55)  What is Selenese and explain its types?

56)  Explain the Selenium IDE’s limitations?

57)  What are Selenium IDE’s two view modes?

58)  What are element locators in Selenium IDE that are used to locate web page elements?

59)  How does one generate random dates and numbers for test data in Selenium IDE?

60)  How does one convert Selenese Selenium IDE tests to another language?

61)  How can one use Selenium IDE to get a particular HTML table cell’s data?

62)  What causes a test to fail in Selenium IDE?

63)  Explain debugging Selenium IDE’s tests?

64)  How does one execute a single line in Selenium IDE?

65)  What format does the source view use to show script in Selenium IDE?

66)  Explain the procedure to insert a start point using Selenium IDE?

67)  How would one test an element locator written by oneself?

68)  Explain regular expressions and their use in Selenium?

69)  What are the core extensions?

70)  How does one work in Selenium with multiple windows?

71)  How is the specific position of a web element verified?

72)  How can one retrieve an alert box message?

73) What is Selenium RC?

74) Where is Selenium RC used?

75) Explain the differences between RC and web-driver?

76) What advantages does RC have?

77) Explain what an RC framework is and its types?

78) How are pop-ups handled in RC?

79) What technical limitation does one face in using Selenium RC?

80) How can one use Selenium RC to drive tests on a single OS with two different browsers without a Selenium Grid?

81) Why is TestNG used with Selenium RC?

82) Explain the capture of the server-side log using Selenium Server?

83) How does one run Selenium Server other than on the default port 4444?

84) How does the RC slave machine stay in touch with the Selenium grid?

85) How does one handle network latency using Selenium?

86) Explain the command to enter values into text boxes?

87) How do you use Selenium to identify an object?

88) What are Start points and Breakpoints in Selenium?

89) Why would one choose Python over Java when working in Selenium?

90) What challenges does one face in Selenium Webdriver when handling Ajax Call?

91) What is meant by IntelliJ?

92) How are TestNG reports customized?

93) What Java API is useful to generate pdf reports?

94) What is ‘Listeners’ when using Selenium WebDriver?

95) In TestNG what are the types of Listeners?

96) What is meant by desired capability and how is it useful in using Selenium?

97) Which API is required for Selenium Webdriver’s Database Testing?

98) When does one use AutoIT?

99) Mention the uses of Session Handling in working with Selenium?

100) What advantages does Selenium have for using Git Hub?


In conclusion, note that the experienced candidates may be asked advanced selenium interview questions, selenium tricky interview questions and selenium interview questions for experienced. Hope this list has included at least pointers on all topics mentioned above. All the best!

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