Product Presentation: 8 Useful Tips for Product Managers for 2021

Ajay Ohri


Product managers need to possess good communication and influencing skills for better product presentation. If you are a product manager then you have been involved deeply in the product throughout. You have watched its initial prototypes, saw how it stumbled, and finally passed the testing stage. You have also gone through the sorrows of failure and the joys of getting positive customer feedback.

Your product is like your child that is about to fly from its nest and get out and make its mark in the market. You wish to boast and take pride in the product just as a proud parent would. Unfortunately, there is still a lot more to be done once your product is ready. You want your customers to embrace your product and this is where how you carry out the product presentation matters.

Product Presentation tips for Product Managers

Wish to do a product launch presentation? Then here are some tips that can help you to succeed.

1. Your Product should be able to narrate a Story

You may have some great product presentation ideas but you also need to work on being able to narrate a story with your product that can offer an emotional touch to your audience. The key to your product presentation is to be able to manage the right emotions. The crux is to understand the fine line between something unpredictable and something messy. Too much unpredictability only disorientates and confuses the audience. So design your product presentation in such a way that it lets your audience second guess what is coming but not always.

2. Plant the Seed of Curiosity

Plant the seed of curiosity right at the start of your presentation by opening a loop but not closing it yest. You may pose some questions to the audience, give them half the fact and then leave them waiting to find out more. This will make your audience wired and they would wait desperately through the presentation to get the answer to the question.

3. Be clear on what you wish to Communicate

How to introduce a product in a presentation is crucial. It is a major deciding factor on whether or not the viewer would pay attention to the presentation. It is important to make an impression in the first few slides. Before you start with the presentation you need to be clear on what you want to convey to your audience. Your audience is developing interest not just through the content but also on how well it is structured. If you know what you need to say or to present beforehand then your presentation will not be a mess. Always remember that your audience has a very low attention span. After all, they are humans.

So focus on things that you need to say and wrap it up within not more than 30-45 minutes. A great idea to let your viewers understand where your presentation is going is to structure your content with the key takeaways that your audience will leave with after they attend your presentation.

4. Your product presentation and your script are two different things

Most of the product managers are well-versed in how to make a product presentation. But the problem comes when they are unable to distinguish between what they want to say and how they wish to communicate it. It turns chaotic when they end up merging both of these. There needs to be a separation between what you wish to say and what you wish to present. If the two are mixed it does not let you meet your agenda.

5. Get Creative with how you Present your Product

Not every presentation looks good when you use only the materials. Pre-recorded videos, audio notes with documents, live drawings, and annotation decks can do wonders too.

6. Show Enthusiasm in your Voice

People like tone and articulation and if that is missing in your voice then it sounds dead boring and dull. Your voice needs to be engaging to not let your audience fall off to sleep.

7. Your Product Presentation should be supported with Facts

Customers like results and if you can show them the numbers half your work is already taken care of. If you already have a customer feedback on your product then this is the time to highlight it. The audience may sense your biasedness towards the product but not when it has been applauded by customers. Your presentation should include a lot of real-world examples to demonstrate how your product is a better alternative to your competitors’ product. And if you wish to show numbers then use visuals to create an impact and to make your data more understandable.

8. Build your Clients’ Trust

If you wish to go ahead in the game then establish yourself first and develop the customers’ trust in your organization. The aim is to not let the customers believe that you know what you are selling but for the audience to have trust in what you say. And to achieve this trust forget that you are here to sell. If you can prove that you have the best interest of the customer in your heart and are not just a sales representative then you have already made your mark. On the other hand, if your audience smells any selfish motive then you have lost your credibility. Present your credentials, not through your resume but your expression, voice, and gesture.


You have developed a product with a lot of passion. And now you are in front of the audience promoting your product. How you present your product is crucial. As the owner of the product, you are much close to it than anyone else. It is your baby and you want to see it loved and appreciated. However, the real world does not have the same connection with your product just yet. And this is where you come into picture to create the right connect between your product and its customers.

While there may be many product strategy presentation tips that work, it is the way you communicate and present the product when standing in front of the crowd that creates an indelible influence. Your presentation should be able to show that you genuinely care about your audience and believe in your product. Audiences have their perspective when it comes to judging authenticity. If they do not trust your genuine belief in the product then they are not listening to what you have to say.

In a nutshell, PowerPoint presentations are not enough. It is your enthusiasm and passion for your product that lets you present it well and grab the attention of the audience.

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