Here Is What Our Learner’s Feel About Wearing The “Invincible Crown” of IIM Indore’s Alumni Status! 

Sales are probably one of the oldest and most essential parts of any business or organization. Without the Sales team or the highly talented, dynamic sales professional, a product might never reach a customer. If reaching the potential customer is one part of the equation, the whole process of conveying its uses, benefits, and the necessity to the customers forms another integral part of the selling equation that sales executives diligently carry out. However, with time, although the basic idea of selling has remained the same, the way the whole sales process is navigated has undergone tremendous change.  

What is Strategic Sales? 

As the name suggests, Strategic Sales can be considered the highly advanced 21st-century take on Sales. It consists of the detailed planning done by a company/organization/business to effectively target potential customers and successfully sell a product or service. 

Having identified the importance of this new-age Sales methodology, UNext Jigsaw launched the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management in collaboration with IIM Indore. This 4-month robust program is designed by the best in the industry to aid its learners in mastering the end-to-end Sales lifecycle to become high-performing Sales Strategists in the digital world. With its exhaustive curriculum, Case Studies & Workshops for a comprehensive hands-on learning experience, the program offers its participants the most industry-relevant learning experience. 

Elaborating on the same, one of our learners, s, Dr. Karthik Ramesh (Emids, VP – Client Partner Provider & Lifesciences), says, “Happy to have been awarded the prestigious Alumnus status of the illustrious Indian Institute of Management, Indore. The Strategic Sales Program covers the latest facets of VUCA Sales, sales funnels, strategic go-to marketing in new markets, and many more. I am grateful to Hon. Director Professor Himanshu Rai for giving us the “CROWN” imbibing Conscientiousness, Reflection, Openness, Wisdom, and the ability to Network efficiently. Looking forward to translating the lessons into implementable sales strategy plans and further the growth of my organization.” 


Calling the convocation and the receiving of the prestigious IIM Indore Executive Education Alumni Status his “Moment of Crowning Glory,” another one of our learners Rahul Shaw, is absolutely elated to have been a part of our comprehensive Strategic Sales program. Narrating his learning experience, he says,” It is a well-designed program which rejuvenated us. It’s all about relearning every aspect of sales but from a completely different perspective.” 

The domain of Sales and the whole of Salesforce today have seen a massive shift in the method of approaching customers. Potential clients today can only be converted to confirmed customers through consistent data-supported efforts. These strategic efforts need to be personalized according to the needs of individuals.  

Learn from the best in the industry how to create picture-perfect sales pitch and win customers to create and nurture a loyal customer base. The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management is designed to help learners master the new-age sales methodologies and thrive in the digital age. 

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