Neelam’s Inspiring Story Proves It’s Never Too Late To Change Careers

Driving pragmatic, data-fueled business decisions, the rich domain of Business Analytics may look like an opportunity only available to enthusiasts who have a firm grasp over IT and technical skills. But that is not the case! 

Neelam Mishra, a learner of our Integrated Program In Business Analytics and a Bachelor of Commerce, ventured on her upskilling journey to become a Business Analyst. Want to know how things turned out for her? Let’s find out!

, Neelam’s Inspiring Story Proves It’s Never Too Late To Change Careers
Neelam Mishra, Business Analytics enthusiast

After spending a decade in the HR field, Neelam wanted to try her hand at something fresh and distinct from her current domain of expertise. To convert her thoughts into action, Neelam started to look for interesting career options. After a few discussions with her friends and some internet surfing, the term ‘Data Science’ caught her interest. But, Neelam was worried since she thought she did not possess the required certifications and skill set to get into this trendy domain.

Trying to play it safe, she wanted to figure out a path that could let her experiment, while continuing her job until she can make a definitive decision.

Soon after, Neelam found herself a beacon of hope in the form of India’s #1 Part-time PG course – The Integrated Program in Business Analytics by the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Indore & the renowned Emerging Technologies training provider, Jigsaw Academy. Confident that this was the perfect opportunity for herself, Neelam decided to take her first step towards a brand new professional journey.

“After enrolling in the program, I was excited to witness a diverse batch consisting of varying ages and professional backgrounds. It gave me confidence and offered me a sense of belongingness,” says Neelam. “I found the Statistics classes to be quite energetic and informative. It was all going well until Python Introductory classes came into the picture and turned my world upside down. It was immensely confusing at first. But professor Sarita and professor Neha explained the commands and concepts so well that I gradually started to understand Python.”

Neelam had her fair share of difficult phases and she even considered giving up her new-found passion a couple of times during her journey. But because of her unwavering commitment and hard work, backed by constant mentorship from experts, she kept moving forward. After around three months, Neelam was confident that she could successfully complete this Future Leaders Program.

“I’d like to thank the faculty for their professional guidance. Not to forget the commendable service by the support team; all our technical issues were heard and resolved as quickly as possible.”

Neelam came a long way, from being intrigued by the term ‘Data Science’ to becoming a part of the domain, from having no prior technical background to understanding core Business Analytics concepts, thus proving that anything is achievable if we put our minds to it. Check out her honest and informative Quora response about our program here.

The future is all about adapting to new changes and technologies. The business world, especially, needs to stay in touch with state-of-the-art technologies and tools to remain at the forefront of all the competition. The domain of Business Analytics is among the growing professional fields of tomorrow.

As per sources, the Business Analytics market will cross USD 103.65 billion by the year 2026. Thus, aspiring Business Analytics enthusiasts should start building a powerful resume right away to stay in the lead. IIM Indore, in collaboration with Jigsaw Academy, brings you the Integrated Program in Business Analytics, a part-time PG course that is second to none in India. This 10-Month Online Program not only offers you an exclusive chance to join the vast Alumni network with the prestigious IIM Indore but also offers joint certification from IIM Indore & Jigsaw Academy. Backed by features like Bring Your Own Product (BYOP), this Future Leaders Program provides the perfect combination of Data Science & Management skills.

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