Tapping Into New Depths Of Business Analytics With IIM Indore!


According to a report by techjury, 7 out of 10 business rate data discovery as very important. Every organization/ small business/ large business etc., today employs Business Analytics on different levels to propel their businesses ahead. Data is at the core of every technological advancement made in recent times. 

It’s been over a decade since the domain of data, and its analytics had been declared the hottest jobs of the 21st century, and yet it shows no signs of slowing down or losing its relevance. With newer and more advanced technologies finding their way into our lives, the nuanced skill of analyzing data and extracting the necessary information to make critical business decisions has never been more important. 

Today, we see people with different levels of experience actively trying to start and own a successful career in Business Analytics. UNext Jigsaw’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics, in collaboration with IIM Indore, is a program designed and delivered by the best analytics minds in the industry to help aspiring business analysts kickstart their careers successfully. 

One such aspiring Business Analytics enthusiast, Parish Patni, enrolled in our program, completed the same successfully, and became a proficient Business Analyst. Speaking about the program, he says, “To all the learners out there, let me start by saying that I am glad that I went for the IPBA course. It is an absolutely well-designed program by UNext Jigsaw developed in collaboration with the prestigious IIM Indore. I thoroughly enjoyed learning new topics every week in the course duration. Before enrolling in the program, I made it a point to go through the course content and was thrilled to see what we would learn. I was not wrong; it was fun learning all the concepts. The contents provided are great, and most importantly, the course structure will challenge you to learn and progress continuously. Also, the faculties are great and I found them to be very cooperative.” 


Concurring with his thoughts, another one of our learners, Saibal Ghosh, says, “The IPBA program is very well structured. We got to learn everything about analytics, from the basics, s to an all-around advanced level. The videos, study materials, lectures, and everything else provided were good and explained in a simple yet informative manner. All the faculty who taught us were extremely good. It’s really a very good course for anyone who wants to kick start their analytics career.” 

That’s right! The 10-month live Integrated Program in Business Analytics by IIM Indore is a course you should not miss if you are an ambitious Business Analytics enthusiast. It is the only program that conforms to the 5D framework with the BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) feature for a complete hands-on learning experience. Also, post-completion of the program, you receive the prestigious IIIM Indore certification along with an opportunity to become a part of the illustrious IIM Indore alumni network. 

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