EdTech Startup Claned Secures $1.4M to Expand to India

  Apr 14, 2016

Finland based edtech startup Claned has raised $1.46 million in a round of funding led by Indian CBA (Cross Border Angels and Investors) members, reports YourStory. The startup will use the round of funding to roll out operations in India. Claned is an online learning platform that students can sign up for free. It allows users to upload or publish files from different website to create and share boards, which can be used to collaborate with friends and other learners. As of now the platform lists around 50 boards for a variety of topics like HTML5, Internet of Things, Trademarks, Robotics, English Study etc. Essentially the website feels like a social network with related sub-forums where users can upload pages, courses, video, lessons and communicate doubts and collaborate solutions. However, the publicly visible boards are few, with very few students available online to collaborate with. Given that the platform caters to no particular education system, it makes sense for it to push for expansion in India; the massive number of English speaking students in the country should help it build up more content and have more users online at any point of time. Other than this, Claned provides students with analytics on their study time, study frequency, accumulated study time, interactions, commenting, learning orientation etc. It also offers a study mode, aimed at letting users focus on learning. This mode lets users set a time limit and provides analytics on how focused a user was during study time.

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