Top Big Data Technologies You Need To Know (2021)


Big Data analytics technologies are utility software designed to process, analyse and extract information from huge data sets of high complexity, which is way beyond the traditional legacy data processing software. It is critical to processes analyzing large volumes of real-time data that produces gainful insights, predictions and conclusions for future risk mitigation decisions through data analysis of what is Big Data technology. Today’s technologies used in Big Data are classified into 4 operational fields like data mining, storage, visualization and storage. Let’s look at the top Big Data technologies list in these 4 fields.

BD Technologies:

  1. Data Storage
  2. Data Mining
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Big Data emerging technologies

1. Data Storage

  • Hadoop Framework developed by Apache Software Foundation (10/12/2011) uses a Distributed Data Processing Environment to process and store data with a simple model and commodity hardware. This Big Data technologies main advantages are cost efficiency and the ability to work on various platforms requiring Big Data technologies and tools. Hadoop: Microsoft, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MAPR, Intel, IBM etc., use the current version Hadoop 3.11 written in Java.
  • Mongo DB is a NoSQL latest Big Data technologies alternative to rigid Document Databases. Released on 11/02/2009 by MongoDB, it is written in Go, C, Python, Javascript etc. and is known for its Big Data technologies flexibility in storage and data analysis of Relational databases. The MongoDB 4.0.10 with distributed architecture is used by MySQL, SQL Server, A, MongoDB etc.
  • RainStor is used as DBMS in large enterprises because of its Deduplication feature of reference data in Big Data related technologies and is used by reputed companies like Credit Suisse and Barclays. It works in SQL Big Data technologies and has been around since 2004, with its current version being RainStor 5.5 from the RainStor Software Company.
  • Hunk from Splunk INC was released in 2013 and used Java. It uses its virtual indices to access the remote data Hadoop Clusters via a processing language called Splunk Search, enabling Big Data visualization. Its present version is Splunk Hunk 6.2. 

2. Data Mining

  • Presto, the open-source Java –written SQL Distributed Query Engine, is good at Big Data technologies queries that are analytical and interactive with data sizes ranging from Gbs to Pbs. Apache Foundation released it in 2013, and its present version Presto 0.22, is used by Airbnb, Chaeckr, Repro, Netflix, Facebook etc.
  • RapidMiner is used in Big Data technologies Predictive Analysis centralized solutions and is good for advanced workflows, multilingual scripting options etc. Released by RapidMiner in 2001, it has companies like Slalom, Boston Consulting, InFocus, Domino’s Vivint SmartHomes etc., using the present version RapidMiner 9.2.  
  • ElasticSearch 7.1 is the latest version of a Big Data technologies GUI for Predictive Analysis and Big Data technology stack. Released by Elastic NV in 2012 and scripted in JAVA companies like LinkedIn, Accenture, Stackoverflow, M etc., it uses its Full-Text Search Engine, Lucene Library, Distributed architecture, HTTP Web Interface, Schema-free JSON documents and MultiTenant-capacity. 

3. Data Analytics

  • ApacheKafka is a Big Data technologies streaming distributed platform and works like an Enterprise Messaging System or Message Queue. Released in 2011 by Apache Software Foundation, it is written in JAVA, SCALA etc. and has users like Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Netflix etc., using the latest version, Apache Kafka 2.2.0.
  • Splunk with users like Q Labs, Trustwave, QRadar, etc., was released on 06/05/2014 by Splunk INC. Its latest version Splunk 7.3, scores with Big Data technologies data visualizations, graphs, dashboards, alerts, security, application management etc.
  • KNIME, developed by KNIME in 2008, is written in Java with Eclipse and allows visualization of models, workflows, data and its analysis in selective steps. Its customers for the latest version, KNIME 3.7.2, include Tyler Technologies, Harnham, Palo Alto Networks etc.
  • A spark from the Apache Software Foundation has in-memory capabilities providing wide support to general execution models with high speeds. Written in Scala, Java, Python and R, its present version, Spark 2.4.3, has customers like Oracle, Horton Works, Verizon Wireless, Cisco etc., using it.
  • R is a free environment programming language for Big Data technologies, Graphics and Statistical Computing. It was released on 29/02/2000 by the R-Foundation. Its present version is R-3.6.0, and companies like Barclays, American Express, Bank of America etc., use R programming.
  • Blockchain technology is used for Big Data technologies, financial and business secure transactions verified by a network of users in escrows, secure payments, fraud mitigation, financial privacy and more. It was introduced by Bitcoin and is scripted in C, JavaScript, Python etc. Its latest version is  Blockchain 4.0, and companies like Facebook, Oracle, Metlife, etc., use blockchains.

4. Data Visualization

  • A tableau is a visualization tool used in Big Data technologies introduced by TableAU on 17/05/2013 and written in JavaScript, C, Python, C etc. it is widely used in industries that are BI intensive like Oracle Hyperion Cognos, Qlik Q, etc. 
  • Plotly developed in 2012 creates faster API libraries and graphs in R, Python, REST API, MATLAB, Julia,Node.js, Arduino etc. Its interactive Graphs with the notebook Jupyter and its latest version Plotly 1.47.4 is endorsed by companies like bitbank, Paladins etc.

5. Big Data emerging technologies

  • TensorFlow, used in Big Data technologies powered applications of Machine Learning, was introduced in 2019 by the Google Brain Team. It can be written in CUDA, C, Python etc., and its present version is TensorFlow 2.0 beta Companies like Airbnb, Google, eBay, Intel etc., use it.
  • Apache Beam for Parallel-Data Processing Pipelines and Apache Airflow the Workflow Automation and Scheduling System for pipelines have been developed by Apache Software Foundation on 15/06/2016 and 13/03/2003, respectively. JAVA and Python are used for scripting the latest Apache Beam 0.1.0 with companies like Verizon Wireless, Oracle, Cisco, etc., using it. Apache AirFlow 1.10.3, written in Python, is used by companies like 9, Checkr, Airbnb, etc.
  • Docker from Docker INC (13/03/2003) uses containers for the applications of Run, Create, Deploy etc. and has a wide choice of dependencies, libraries etc. Its current version Docker 18.09, is written in Go and used by companies like Paypal, Business Insider, Splunk etc.
  • Kubernetes is an open-source tool from Google released in 2014 and developed by Cloud Native Computing Foundation on 21/07/2015. It is used for Big Data technologies Container and Vendor-Agnostic Cluster management. American Express, PeopleSource, Pear Deck and Northwestern Mutual, among several others, use the latest version of Kubernetes 1.14, which is written in Go. 

In conclusion, studying the latest Big Data technologies & techniques available to work with Big Data is critical to using the right software and hardware for any application across indust

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