Learning Hadoop Is A Sure-Shot Way Of Landing A Big Data Job


Early this year Syncsort, a global leader in Big Data and mainframe software announced the results of its second annual Hadoop survey, which showed that in 2016, many more organizations are moving from Hadoop experimentation to production. Their findings have been substantiated by a host of other experts, proving that indeed this will be the year that the full potential of Big Data analytics is realized. In fact, the Hadoop market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 58% surpassing $16 billion by 2020.

What does this mean for someone looking to build a career in Big Data? Simply put – you have to pick up Hadoop skills. Most of the companies you are applying to will already be working with Hadoop and those who aren’t definitely have it in their sights. So quite naturally if they are building their Big Data team and find that an applicant has already smartly invested in gaining Hadoop skills, they will pull your CV on the top of the pile.

So why exactly are organizations adopting Hadoop with such momentum? Well, as one of my gurus Vincent Granville said “Hadoop is an open source data platform which performs a very neat trick. It is a tool for tying together multiple servers into single, easily-scalable clusters, ideal for distributed data storage and processing.”

Advantages of Hadoop

The advantages of using Hadoop are many. Some of which are mentioned below:

  • Hadoop has the ability to handle large volumes of data, structured and unstructured
  • It is cost-efficient
  • Has the ability to scale
  • Can perform a quick analysis of data
  • Is flexible
  • Fast
  • Resilient
  • Independent

Several articles published this year that talk about the top skills for anyone to be employable in the Data Industry mention Hadoop. It is also the Big Data tool that commands the biggest salaries. To quote a few:

PC World:

Adam Flugel, a data-science recruiter with Burtch Works is quoted as saying that, “skills in Hadoop or Spark are “a big plus”.

Economic Times:

A Hadoop skill set will get a developer 25% higher compensation compared to just having a Java skill set.

According to Marketanalysis, the number of growing opportunities for Hadoop is emerging from a changing environment where Big Data affects IT budgets in two ways:

  • Necessity to accommodate exponentially increasing amounts of data (processing, storage, analysis);
  • Progressively cost-prohibitive pricing models imposed by established IT vendors.

The debate can be put to rest, and one must simply accept that Hadoop is here to stay. From a career point of view, it is, without a doubt, a critical skill to have. So get going, enroll in a Hadoop course and set the wheels in motion for one hell of a ride on the Big Data train.


Big data analysts are at the vanguard of the journey towards an ever more data-centric world. Being powerful intellectual resources, companies are going the extra mile to hire and retain them. You too can come on board, and take this journey with our Big Data Specialization course.


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