Is Big Data Dying?

Is the Hype Around Big Data dying?

The information technology industry is evolutionary. If you take a closer look at the IT timeline, you’ll notice that it has gradually grown, adapted and evolved over the decades to become what it is now. In its evolutionary phase, a lot of technologies have come and gone. While some technologies garnered peak popularity at one instance of time, they gradually went on to evolve after being perceived that their days were over.

One of the off-springs of technology that stands at the brink of this phase is Big Data. With so many tech enthusiasts and authorities debating on the days of Big Data are over, it’s time we sit down and take a minute or two to think if the hype around Big Data is indeed dying.

So, Is it Dying?

The answer is a big no! Considering the phase we are in right now, we can be sure that Big Data is here to stay. Data has always been an integral part of the modern economy and if you look at the times before computers and gadgets made their way into various industries, data still prevailed. Industries and companies, then, used data to come up with crucial business decisions and strategies. The only difference now is that the amount of data that is generated in a day has immensely multiplied over the decades.

Did you know that a Boeing aircraft generates as much as 40 Tb of data for every hour of its flight? While some of the data is discarded, the remaining huge chunks are fed, processed, analyzed and interpreted for various processes. Another statistic that will blow your mind when it comes to data generation is the number of connected devices globally. As of now, there are around 6 billion devices connected to the internet, generating close to 2.5 million terabytes of valuable data every day.

Our activities on social media, data from our GPS systems, wearables, search engine queries, virtual assistants, smart homes, smart televisions and e-commerce websites are all collecting data from us, making Big Data an inevitable part of the future.

The Bottom Line

Big Data is evolving as we speak and is making its way to becoming the brain of future technologies. With the IT industry slowly moving towards artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics, Big Data will be the key factor that will solely drive the entire evolution. Those claiming that the days of Big Data are probably unaware of the technologies that are on the development and progress of the industry.

Big Data is getting streamlined and inducted into various industries and niche processes. It’s already playing a pivotal role in helping businesses with staffing, supply chain management, R & D, consumer behavior and more. It’ll now gradually influence everything it touches and will be used in distinct business processes, paving way for more crucial insights.

Remember the times when programming languages or even applications like spreadsheets were considered technical and reserved for niche specialists? What’s their status now? Almost all of us know how to use spreadsheets for various requirements. The application came with a bang, generated hype and when it was thought it was dying, it evolved and slowly seeped into our everyday operations. That’s what’s on the cards for Big Data, too!

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