10 Useful Resources for SAS Certification

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SAS certification in India is usually considered helpful in securing an entry level job in analytics. It’s a decent assessment of a person’s SAS programming skills which is important for a business analyst. Following are some of the SAS certification related posts, that you might find useful in your endeavor to earn a SAS certification in India.    

  1. Learn SAS for Free:  A list of several websites that provides best SAS resources free of cost.
  2. Base SAS Certification: An introductory guide to Base SAS certification – also known as “The SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 credential”.
  3. SAS Institute and the Products from SAS: Will SAS programming skills and skills on the suite of products from SAS Institute be a stepping stone to success? Check this blog post for answer.
  4. 5 Tips to make the most of your SAS Training: 5 useful tips to make you ready before some serious SAS learning.
  5. SAS Tips for Analysts: This article is a quick primer on SAS Engines using the proc nickname & Proc Contents.
  6. PROC MEANS in SAS: The author highlights why he likes to use PROC MEANS so much.
  7. Log & List Files – SAS Training: It’s a video snippet from training course on the SAS language.
  8. Using Vectorization in SAS IML to improve Code Performance:  Tips for writing computationally efficient codes.
  9. SAS related questions asked in interviews: Tavish Srivastava a data analyst shares some tricky language of SAS questions that one could face in an analytics job interview. This will definitely be useful for many of you who are venturing into the analytics job market.
  10. What makes a good SAS course? : This blog post answers, why would you go for SAS course when you can study through free online and offline resources? And, what makes a good SAS course?

You can also checkout the Beginners guide to data science and machine learning, it’s an in depth tutorial on everything you need to know about analytics as a career. For a video Overview of the Tools offered by SAS institute for data analytics checkout our SAS tools overview video at:


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