Aiming for the Stars with Analytics: The PGPDM Advantage


The need to learn and pick up analytics is at its critical point, and this is no exaggeration. The recent spate of layoffs and mass firings in the Indian IT space is a clear indication that the tech skills of today have become outdated and the roles of many a techie have become redundant. The IT sector is feeling the heat of automation and not having the foresight to expand beyond the traditional low end IT services like QA and testing has certainly caught them off guard.

If you look at what the tech giants and innovative technology companies are investing their research money on right now, it boils down to automation and smart machines – which would invariably be powered by machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, backed by the power of data science to make sense of the data. These are the most needed skills in the near future, and will shape how the technology sector will evolve.

What Gets You to the Stars

If you have to be ready for the future, you need to upskill with the tools of the future. The Postgraduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning (PGPDM), a specialized program offered by Jigsaw Academy, University of Chicago Graham School, and IBM is the perfect one to do so. A one of a kind program in India, it is the most specialized such program in the country. The program has been crafted to provide the students with advanced proficiency in state-of-the-art technologies. It covers aspects of data analysis, business intelligence, business analytics, and real-world applications of data science and machine learning to business problems.

Weighing in on the curriculum, Joe Moses, a Project Manager at IBM India who is also currently enrolled into the PGPDM says,

“This course has the most comprehensive and in-depth curriculum among all the programs I had researched before I enrolled. I had a set criterion of what I wanted to learn from a program and achieve out of it, and the PGPDM checked all the boxes. I discussed extensively with my friends on which program to shortlist and finalize, and they too all agreed that this was a very comprehensive program. I don’t think there is another program in the market that offers a combo of analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.”

The Curriculum

The course starts off with exploratory data analysis and visualization techniques which follows through with data analysis framework, data collection and curation, and data visualization. Students then move on to learning R programming for data science applications where they are walked through in-and-out of the entire R framework.

With data analysis for evidence based decision making, students learn techniques such as regression analysis, multiple regression, ANOVA and experimental design, and also how to take business decisions backed by data analysis. There is also a module on understanding how analytics applies to the industry and businesses using predictive analytics and machine learning models.

The course moves on to touch upon Big Data and how to deploy machine learning algorithms on large data sets. We then step up to the concepts of deep learning and how it applies to artificial intelligence, with a use case of IBM Watson.

The program also includes a key module on advanced visualization and storytelling with data, which is extremely essential in a business environment as it sets the context for what the data is saying. With focused modules on Project Management, where a student learns how to manage and work with analytics projects in a real-time business environment, and Career Management to help students chart and build their careers in the analytics and data space, the program offers the most complete learning for a student.

“With a curriculum as comprehensive, focused, hands-on, and industry oriented as this, I feel like I’m already job ready and can take on the tasks right from day one.”, adds Joe Moses.

The Postgraduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning (PGPDM) is unlike most analytics programs in the country, with an unmatched curriculum that is sure to put you ahead of the competition.

If being an elite analytics professional is your goal, look no further.

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