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Analytic Edge is a provider of high impact business solutions leveraging advanced analytics and technology. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, it is the brainchild of Santosh Nair. With over 12 years of experience in statistical modeling and advanced analytics consulting, Santosh and his team bring a refreshing and dynamic approach to their business. By integrating myriad sources and applying cutting edge analytic techniques, they are able to deliver insights that add tremendous value to their client’s business.

UNext is always proud to encourage analytics startups that they believe will make a mark and contribute successfully to the growth of the booming analytics industry. We recently had a candid chat with Santosh Nair. His passion and exuberance was infectious and the story behind the inception of the start up, as well as his vision for the future is inspiring and one that we would like to share.

The before

Right after high school, Santosh Nair who describes himself as one of those crazy guys, went on to get a degree in Plant sciences, specializing in genetics. Pretty much right away he knew that this was not really his calling. As he had an affinity for numbers, he went on to do a Master’s in Economics and then a PhD. in Statistics from the Clemson University in the US, while also working for the Government of South Carolina’s department of International Trade. However in a few years he heard the call to return to India, and so he came back home and took up a job with Symphony Services (Now Genpact).

In 2011 he felt the time was right to venture out on his own. Sensing the huge potential in the analytics industry, he took the plunge and Analytic Edge was born.

The now

Santosh says that most players in the industry offer solutions that are either 80% technology or 20% analytics or the other way round. Neither of these is really viable. What Analytic Edge offers is technology abled analytics solutions, customized to suit the client. “We want to be known as consultants.  We don’t go to the client and make a sales pitch. We go and ask to see their data and then look at how we can use it to gain useful insights.” says Santosh.

Analytic Edge is tool agnostic; uses available tools and based on the need they build tools for their clients. They aim to always sell the client a product they need and the key to successfully doing this, is being able to talk the business language. They are also creating a specialized modeling and media mix tool that is sure to add great value to clients. Using a combination of algorithms, .NET, C and R, Analytic Edge aspire to cater to a niche with these specialized tools.

Analytic Edge specializes in advanced analytics in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Retail.  Their experience can be applied to telecom and Travel and Leisure as they have similarities. However they see huge potential and want to concentrate on non-traditional sectors like NGOs, Education and even services like mortuary management.


Santosh is relentlessly optimistic. Analytic Edge has already grown from 1-4 people in just 10 months. In the future they are looking at building strong partners in technology, training and consulting. He predicts that Analytic Edge will really start sailing in the next 1 ½ yr and then start peaking. “Analytics is gaining momentum. For us at Analytic Edge it’s not just about BI tools. It’s about making data talk. And we are not even talking about advanced analytics yet. We just want to go to our clients and ask, “Can I make a difference?”

Advise for those eager to begin start ups

We asked Santosh if he had any advice for others who are out there on the threshold of starting their own company. This is what he had to say:

  • Have a plan before you start, Put a lot of thought into it, Let it sound solid to you
  • Vet the idea by as many people as you can
  • Have a stomach for rejection

We wish you the very best Santosh and team Analytic Edge!

You can contact Santosh at

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