The Analytics India Job Study 2016 is here

The latest Analytics India Job Study, a collaboration between Jigsaw Academy and Analytics India Magazine, is a report analysing the current analytics job scenario in India. With the advent of Big Data and adoption of analytics techniques in mainstream business practices, the number of job openings and opportunities in analytics has seen a strong boost in 2016.

The Analytics jobs sector saw a lot of changes and new trends emerging this year.

Job roles have diversified into specific and focused functions, with more demand for domain specialists.

This study focuses on and lists out the trends with respect to recruitment trends, cities with the most analytics jobs, industry trends, educational qualification requirements, and work experience.

Key highlights of the report:

    • The report shows a strong increase in the number of available jobs in the analytics sector. The period from June 2015 to June 2016 saw a 120% increase in jobs listed, as compared to a 29% rise from June 2014 to June 2015
    • Overall, there has been a 53% increase in the number of new job postings in analytics this year as compared to the previous year.
    • When comparing cities with the most analytics job opportunities, Bengaluru comes on top, accounting for around 27% of analytics jobs and standing out to be the analytics capital of India. Delhi/NCR stands at 23% followed by Mumbai at 15%. These 3 cities together account for almost 65% of total analytic jobs. Hyderabad and Chennai contribute 9%
    • Analytics, though widespread, still is focused on 4 sectors majorly; Banking and Financial Services, E-commerce, Healthcare/Pharma, and Energy & Utilities make up 81% of the available analytics jobs.

  • Of the 4, Banking and Financial Services takes a huge bite out with 42% of the jobs vested in this sector, followed by the E-commerce sector and Healthcare/Pharma at 14% and 13% respectively.
  • Retail/CPG make up only 5% of the overall jobs available.
  • Engineers and people with technology background are more in demand. Almost 44% of the jobs look for people with a B.E/B.Tech qualification.
  • 26% analytics job openings are looking for people with a postgraduate degree.
  • Around 62% of analytics requirements are looking for candidates with less than 5 years’ experience whereas 18% analytics jobs are looking for freshers.
  • 31% analytics job openings are for professionals with 5-10 years’ experience to serve the middle management roles.

The study presents the analytics jobs market as it is today.

Summarising the takeaways:

  • The general trend of hiring in analytics has seen a boost.
  • Engineers are most in demand for analytics roles.
  • Bengaluru offers the most job opportunities for analytics roles.
  • Banking and Financial Services sector forms a big chunk of the available analytics jobs.
  • More number of roles are being generated for entry level professionals in analytics.

To gain all the insights, you can view the full report here.



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