6 Data Scientist’s Analytics Twitter Feeds to Follow

With data analysts and experts using the platform, Twitter is a great way for a budding data scientist to see what’s going on in the field and learn something new every day. With Twitter, you can keep track of the latest analytics and data news and information.

There are some amazing data scientist’s feeds out there and we bring you six that we think you should follow.

1. Avinash Kaushik

A famous Indian entrepreneur, author and public speaker, he is a well-known name in the field of data analytics and digital marketing. He is cited as a top influencer in the domain of web analytics.

Having founded Market Motives, a successful digital marketing training company, his feed is the one to follow. He tweets about everything from sports and politics to healthcare and demography, and is an ardent enthusiast of data driven methodologies.

2. Gregory Piatetsky

Founder/President of the KDnuggets newsletter which offers superior insights into business analytics, big data, data mining, and data science, Gregory is a famous and experienced data scientist. You wouldn’t want to miss any of his nuggets on all things analytics!

KDnuggets was launched even before Google came into existence! Gregory founded the website www.kdnuggets.com in 1997. Initially a research-oriented directory with a focus on data mining software, the platform now focusses on industry, big data, and data science, with daily blog publications. KDnuggets recently exceeded 200,000 unique monthly visitors, and @kdnuggets was voted ‘Best Big Data Twitter Account’.

3. Monica Rogati

A data science advisor who, in her own words, turns data into products and stories. She has held the role of a VP of data at Jawbone and LinkedIn and is also an equity partner at the Data Collective, a venture fund for big data and IT infrastructure.

At LinkedIn she was a senior data scientist and worked to build features such as “People You May Know” and “Groups You May Like.” At Jawbone, she is leading the data team and focusing on the intersection of wearable computing, quantified self and personalized health care.

4. Bill Schmarzo

The CTO at EMC Corporation and previously VP of analytics at Yahoo and Business Objects, Bill has also authored books on Big Data and teaches students data science. EMC2 is a leading firm in analytics and its CTO’s feed definitely needs to be followed.

Called the ‘Dean of Big Data’, Bill is all about Big Data and analytics, and you can see that from his posts on big data, datalakes, and data science among others. He is also one of the top big data influencers and has a special interest in the economics of big data. He is a regular speaker at various Big Data conferences and is a University of San Francisco School of Management Fellow where he teaches the “Big Data MBA” course.

5. Lisa Kart

A Research Director at Gartner, Inc. focused on advanced analytics, Lisa has made a career out of analytics, and covers advanced analytics, data science, and optimization among other topics. She has worked at both FICO and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She has more than 20 years of experience in applying advanced analytics to solving complex business problems.

She strongly believes in the importance of data-driven decision making in businesses and her work covers the areas of Banking & Investment Services and Business Intelligence. She is also is an active member of INFORMS (the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science), where she helped develop the first Certified Analytics Professional credential.

6. Bob Rogers

Bob Rogers is the Chief data scientist for big data solutions at Intel. Before joining Intel, he applied data science to a number of problems including healthcare diagnostics, stock market predictions, and the physics of black holes.

His mission, as he sees it, is to “Put powerful analytics into the hands of every business decision maker.” In his current job roles, he aims to solve real problems with big data & analytics to help build world-class customer solutions. A data science veteran, he tweets about analytics and its applications in sectors such as healthcare and education.

Next time you’re on Twitter, you know where to look for some interesting analytics titbits, and to put on your data guy hat, head to our courses page where you can learn all things analytics!

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