Life of an Newbie in an Analytics Startup

Lighthearted, true and heartfelt musings of a newbie to Data Analytics. Thanks Ripon for sharing this.

Ripon Roy works at Analytic Edge,  a provider of high impact business solutions leveraging advanced analytics and technology. They were recently adjudged one of the 50 most promising Big Data companies in India.

Ripon has an MBA in finance from Jain college, Bangalore and joined Analytic Edge soon after graduating . In this post Ripon talks about his life as a newbie in analytics.

More often than not the last semester of Post-Graduation can be held responsible for the birth of that dream; the dream of being a part of superficial MNC, working in the best of corporate ambiences, hanging out with white collars.

Mine was a different case though. For me the same crave was ignited from the very beginning of Post-Graduation. It was always there in me. The desire to climb the ladder faster and make it to the apex by working with a big brand of the industry was what I wished for. But as the saying goes ‘God often has some other plan’s. And that was the case with me.

After rigorous interviews and nerve racking shortlists, I made a choice and guess what that was….. a start-up, that too an Analytic Start-up. The booming demand for analytics talent in the market is why I ended up making this choice. I would relate the experience to playing cricket in my home ground but with the Tendulkar’s of the industry. I wasn’t working with people. I was working with experience.

A start up gives you immense opportunities to do the toughest in the easiest possible ways. When responsibilities pour in, the only way to survive is to give it your all and perform. I personally am getting to know the many angles of the dictum “Survival of the fittest” every day.

There is no pre-defined “Probation Period” in start-ups where in you undergo induction and proper training; giving you a blue print of your job profile and giving you a feel of the environment. On the contrary you are on the job floor from day one and you get trained in the job, at the job.

Reading the after effects of every action” in short is basically what we practice in this industry. We need to work and play with numbers and trust me playing with words during Post Grads was far better than playing with numbers now.

This industry differs, in terms of the time frame within which you react. There are clients who equip us with data; trying to understand where to put their feet next. And then there are clients who are proactive; in the sense, they want us to interpret competitor’s data so as to give themselves an edge.

The punch in this industry lies in maintaining equilibrium between learning & growth. The pace at which both the abstracts move is rapid and the grip on both of them would have been far easier, had I been trained. But for an optimistic like me who believes that “Easy stuffs are meant for easy people”, I take it all in my stride. There is lots more to learn and all I can say is in the current scenario I am still a kid…miles to go yet! I learn everyday from some of the best and can only look forward to newer challenges in an invigorating environment.

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