A New Field in Analytics for Those in Love- Intimanalytics

Neha Shitut

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Well it’s Valentine’s day! The past week the whole world over, people have been thinking about how to make the day special for their loved ones and what gifts to surprise them with. I on the other hand, being the data analyst that I am, have been thinking about how great it would be if someone developed this analytic tool that captured and analyzed data about your loved one (or potential loved one). Well I know this might seem crazy, but I even have a name for the tool ‘Intimanalytics’ and if I had my way, here’s what it would do:

  • Calculate the average no. of minutes spent with loved ones and its correlation on longevity.

  • Determine factors improving mutual trust and understanding and therefore determining the strength (R-sq) of a relationship.

  • Forecast the rate of progeny.

  • Optimize resources – incoming and outgoing for improving productivity in the mutual space.

  • Minimize heteroscedasticity – Eliminating unseen patterns from unwanted directions. For example- personal secretary at work

  • Simulate the best scenarios producing strong friendship. For example – extra investment of quality time vs. gifts on a Valentines Day can improve R-sq in the long run where Love, Friendship and Intimacy is your dependent variable.

Phew..I am really getting into this, my mind is running wild…I really am #InLoveWithDataAnalytics. 

Would love to hear what more this tool could be made to do if it really came into existence Send me your suggestions…

But seriously speaking, today analytics is not only being widely used by online dating sites but as a side effect of perhaps too much data in relationships, we also have apps like  BroApp that allow users to ‘outsource their relationships’ and spend more time with ‘the bros’ by sending automated romantic texts to a girlfriend’s/wife’s phone.

Take a look at a video from our Analytics for Beginners Course that explains how online dating site OKCupid uses analytics.

Analytics for Beginners Teaser – How Data Analytics is used by OKCupid website

In the meantime Jigsaw wishes all of you a wonderful weekend and hopes you are spending it with that someone special!

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