Predictive Analytics Has a Future in Education

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In our world of rising costs and shrinking funds, a rising number of colleges are in real financial trouble. Institutes are deep in debt as they’ve borrowed heavily to fix aging infrastructure, keep up with competitors and lure students with state of the art amenities. In an increasingly competitive sector, education  institutes need to develop programs that meet the market need. But what is more critical is finding ways to improve student retention, grades and services to students. To do this efficiently and effectively, educators and administrators need deeper insights into what impacts student completion rates, learning outcomes, and yet fulfills the goals of the institution bringing increased returns. Analytics once again could provide these answers.

Yes, as with most organizations everywhere, educational institutes are also collecting huge amounts of data every day. Generated by students, faculty and administration, this data can be analyzed to discover meaningful patterns, and then used to make important operational decisions. Broadly speaking Analytics can help Education institutions:

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