Big Data Engineer Salary: A Simple Guide For 2021


On the off chance that you have a distinct interest in technology, data, and numbers, a profession as a big data engineer jobs sounds ideal for you. Since the work requires an undeniable degree of expertise and skill in big data, the big data engineer salary has the lone been scaling up. 

Be that as it may, a few variables influence the average big data engineer salary , some of which include:

  1. Type and size of the association
  2. Industry
  3. Skills
  4. Experience
  5. Country and generally explicit locations as well.
  6. Oftentimes training and education as well.
  1. What does it take to be a Data Engineer?
  2. Skills required to be a Data Engineer
  3. Big Data Engineer Salary

1. What does it take to be a Data Engineer?

The essential data engineer jobs are planning and designing a solid infrastructure for changing data into such configurations as can be utilized by Data Scientists. Aside from incorporating versatile pipelines to covert unstructured and semi-structured data into usable formats, data engineers should likewise distinguish significant patterns in enormous datasets.

While the particular assignments of a data engineer can shift from one organization to the next, they share some basic responsibilities, including:

  1. Incorporate, combine, and cleanse data gathered from different sources.
  2. Team up with clients and co-workers to decide the prerequisites of projects.
  3. Lead industry examination to remain updated with the most recent market trends.
  4. Adjust data architecture to fit consummately with business prerequisites.
  5. Redesign and rethink existing systems to improve their functioning.
  6. Maintain, test, construct, and develop up data architectures.
  7. Prepare raw data for control and prescriptive/predictive modelling by data scientists.
  8. Recognize and create imaginative approaches to improve data quality, efficiency, and reliability.
  9. Gather immense and complex data sets to take into account the non-functional and functional business prerequisites.

2. Skills required to be a Data Engineer

  1. Organizational skills and active project management.
  2. Experience with taking care of stream-processing frameworks like Spark and Storm Streaming.
  3. Solid analytic abilities to deal with and work with unstructured, large datasets.
  4. Experience with taking care of data pipeline and work process the management tools like Airflow, Luigi, Azkaban, and so on.
  5. Solid programming flair in moving languages, including Ruby, Scala, C, Java, Python, etc.
  6. Experience with working with big data platforms like Hive, Pig, Flume, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, and so on.
  7. Experience with performing root cause examination on inward/outer data and cycles to discover answers for explicit business issues and distinguish improvement opportunities.
  8. Proficiency in working with a wide assortment of databases.
  9. Experience with building and upgrading big data architectures and pipelines.

3. Big Data Engineer Salary

The big data engineer salary relies upon a few variables, including organization size and work experience, job position, education qualifications, geographical location, and reputation. Presumed organizations and large parts in the big data industry like Capgemini, Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, and Amazon give some examples, as a rule, pay high pay to data engineers.

  • Big Data Engineer Salary in India

The normal yearly data engineer pay in India is over ₹ 830K. A significant number of the country’s data engineering jobs are situated in Bangalore, with organizations like Autodesk, IBM, and Amazon as often as possible employing for this position.

  • Big Data Engineer Salary in Toronto, Canada

In Toronto, data engineers procure a normal of CA $ 80K. A few organizations in the city are at present hoping to fill data engineering jobs, including StackAdapt and Index Exchange. 

  • Big Data Engineer Salary in the UK

In the UK, the normal compensation for data engineers is £ 43,725 per year. Tessian and Shop Direct are only a couple of the numerous organizations effectively searching for data engineers in cities like London and Liverpool.

  • Big Data Engineer Salary in the United States

The normal data engineer compensation in US markets is $ 1,16,591. Be that as it may, this number can change essentially by state and even by city, as indicated beneath.

  1. In New York, the average salary is $ 1,23,070 per year.
  2. In Los Angeles, the average salary is $ 1,18,122 per year.
  3. In Seattle, the average salary is $ 1,10,479 per year.
  • Big Data Engineer Salary in Other Regions:
  1. According to Indeed, in South Africa, the average salary is R 5,91,868 per year.
  2. According to LinkedIn, in France, the average salary is € 42,000 per year.
  3. According to LinkedIn, in Mexico, the average salary is MX$ 25,000 per year.
  4. According to Glassdoor, in Germany, the average salary is € 60,632 per year.
  5. According to Glassdoor, in Spain, the average salary is € 34,468 per year.
  6. According to Payscale, in Singapore, the average salary is S$ 62,648 per year.
  7. According to Payscale, in Sweden, the average salary is 575,961 Kr per year.
  8. According to Payscale, in Canada, the average salary is C$ 80,217 per year.
  9. According to Payscale, in Australia, the average salary is AU$ 1,03,346 per year.


Given the consistent ascent in big data and data analytics occupations in India and abroad, it is an incredible chance to consider turning into a data engineer. There is a lot of occupation scope in the data science area, and it is set to increment further later on.

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