Cyber Security Analyst Salary

It’s always a great idea to check salary beforehand when considering joining a new field. Here you can read everything about monthly Cyber Security Analyst salaries and the highest paying Cyber Security jobs.

Cyber Security Salary Introduction

The salary of a Cyber Security Analyst depends on lots of different factors. Salary varies as per experience, the number of jobs available in the market corresponding to the supply of professionals, and the level of qualification a person holds. Let’s dig deep into various aspects that influence the salary in the Cyber Security world. 

A career in Cyber Security World

It is one of the most rewarding careers in the present scenario, with companies moving their operation online and on clouds. The need to secure data and smooth business operations has increased a millionfold. An online presence is a must for success in today’s competitive market. And being in cyberspace exposes companies and their vital database to cyber crimes. Here Cyber Security comes into the picture. As per the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics, there would be an expected growth of 33% in Cyber Security jobs by 2030. It is quite high compared to any other occupation. 

What does a Cyber Security Analyst do?

The Cyber Security Analyst protects information from cyber attacks. The main responsibility of the Cyber Security Analyst is to analyze the weakness and loopholes in the system. They access the risk exposure and vulnerability of the company. They can help develop the security system and keep a check on unauthorized access and intruders—the strength of the firewall and updating the disaster recovery plan regularly. 

Average Cyber Security salary per month

The salary of a security analyst ranges between INR 2,63,000 and INR 956000. A fresh graduate with no experience will get around 2.5lakhs. Slowly with time and depending on various other factors, the salary gradually increases. Per the payscale company, the average salary of a Cyber Security Analyst in India is INR 585,572, around INR 48000 per month. An average Cyber Security salary in the USA is USD 81,752. 

Cyber Security Analyst salaries based on different factors

Over time different elements in the job market cast an influence on the salary drawn by an employee. Such elements are location, industry, and experience. Let’s look at these factors: 

  • Cyber Security Analyst salary based on experience: 

Hand-on experience plays a very crucial role. In Cyber Security jobs, companies prefer experience over qualification. A candidate with good experience might supersede someone who has a good degree but lacks work experience. Per a survey based on 18 salaries,  a senior Cyber Security Analyst with experience of 10 years to 19 years earns around INR 1500000 annually. A Cyber Security Analyst salary will be INR 974,629  per year if they have 5-9 years of experience; this is an average of around 102 salaries. An entry-level job pays around  INR 421,022 in a year; a person with an experience of a year and less than four years will make an average of INR 516,357. (Source: Payscale)

  • Salaries based on Industries: 

A Cyber Security Analyst is employed across industries, from the government sector to the private. As all industries use information and technologies, employment opportunities are huge. But salaries vary from industry to industry. A high-intensive tech industry will pay more compared to the hospitality industry. Indian government Cyber Security jobs salary range from INR 5 lakhs to INR 7 lakhs. If we take into consideration the data of the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics, the following industries provide the highest paying Cyber Security jobs

  • Information & Technology based industries pay around USD 107,310
  • The finance and banking industry will pay around USD 106,430
  • Salaries based on Qualifications and certificates: 

A degree and certificate in Cyber Security will give a head start. A person with bachelor’s and specialization certificates will climb the ladder and be paid more. Few of the areas in which a person can obtain a certificate. 

  • Information Security Manager 
  • Risk and Information Systems Control
  • Information Systems Security Professional 
  • Information Systems Auditor  
  • Salaries based on location: 

The city of work is also an influencing factor. Metropolitan or big cities’ salaries are higher than those of other non-metropolitan cities. Salaries paid in Gurgaon, Pune, and Bangalore are higher than the rest of the nation’s Cyber Security salaries. 

Other Cyber Security job profiles and their salaries

  • Cyber Security engineer salary: 

Security engineers develop new security systems, check unusual system behaviour, and take corrective action. They give their suggestions for the development of security standards and policies. They overlook the software, network, and hardware functioning and address system users’ needs. The average salary drawn by a Cyber Security engineer in a year is INR 613,327.

  • Cyber Security Specialist salary

At the time of development of software and system, a security specialist will detect threats, intruders, and attacks. They will take action to protect the system and strengthen the firewall. They carry on day-to-day security operations. It is an on-demand duty, and thus compensation is comparatively high. 

  • Cyber Security architect salary: 

A security architect heads the system designing team. They plan out the system that is to be implemented. They undertake the design of the budgeting and resource allocation. They lay out the foundation of the system that is to be developed. Security architects are senior in their field, they are experienced, and thus an average salary will be around INR 2,190,072 a year.  

  • Cyber Security consultants’ salary

 The consultant coordinates with the management and understands the security needs. The design security standards and policies. And regularly revise them. From time to time, they test and check the system for risk assessment and the possibility of potential threats. Based on test checks, they draw reports and give suggestions for improvement in the existing system. The average salary of a security consultant is INR 696,407 per year.

  • Cyber Security Cryptographer salary: 

A cryptographer makes the transmission of information secure. During the exchange of information, there is a risk of cyber attackers and information leakage. Cryptographers create a secure system for protecting data. They review the encryption system of the organization regularly. The average salary is INR 610,419 per year.

  • Cyber Security software developer salary: 

They develop security software such as anti-virus. They continuously update them and detect software threats, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses. They monitor software and troubleshoot any problem arising from malware, viruses, etc. The average salary paid to them is around USD 73,460 a year. 

  • Cyber Security administrator’s salary: 

They are paid an average of INR 524,587 for a year. Their main responsibility is to overlook and supervise organization-wide systems. They monitor unusual events and are also responsible for implementing safety measures and developing disaster recovery plans. 

  • Chief information security officer: 

It is a management-level position responsible for the company’s information security department. It carries out forensic audits and investigations into cyber frauds and crime. Properly manage IT governance, overview the system, and design and develop procedures. It is demanding, and the average salary paid to a chief information security officer is INR 22,21,834 per year.

How to get paid more? 

Now you have an idea about Cyber Security Analyst salary. And now you know about other job profile options available in the Cyber Security industry. One needs to keep a few things in mind to get a higher salary. Let’s discuss skills by which you can increase your Cyber Security salary. Equipped with Cyber Security skills for better remuneration, the following skills and tips will surely land you a good-paying Cyber Security job. These tips are also beneficial even for entry-level jobs. 

  • Coding: Coding knowledge and practical experience with coding languages such as Python, C, etc., will keep you one step ahead of the others. Knowing coding languages will help better understand your work and make learning new things easy. 
  • Understanding the company and its security environment: before facing the interview, collect all relevant data about the company and its practices. Understand the threats that might be present in the company’s external environment and what possible solution you can present. In this way, you will be able to perform well in your interview and demonstrate your knowledge.    
  • Network security: certificates in network security and understanding of the working of the network will be a plus. A Cyber Security professional works around networks and aims to secure them. The companies will prefer a candidate knowing network security. 
  • IT Background: Although it is not important to have an IT background for making a career in Cyber Security but for a good start and good remuneration, having a basic degree or graduation in IT or Cyber Security will give an easy beginning to your career. 
  • Risk Analysis: The work of a Cyber Security Analyst revolves around risk analysis. It is the ability to detect threats and assess the company’s level of risk exposure.
  • Communication skill: As a Cyber Security professional, you will work closely with other organization departments. There will be a requirement of proper balance for the achievement of security team goals. A person with good communication skills will be able to handle things easily and will be able to maintain a healthy relationship. A good communication skill will help explain security system works to the rest of the non-technical staff and will help them in training. 
  • Problem-solving attitude: During the interview, demonstrate your problem-solving attitude. Cyber Security work deals with unexpected cyber attacks and crimes. In such a crucial and stressful time, a person who is optimistic in approach and solution-oriented will not give up under pressure. 
  • Attention to details: For protecting an organization from threats and taking action even before a threat materializes. A person needs to pay attention to minute details and deviations. Sometimes, a minor variation can eradicate major threats if observed on time. 
  • Mobile application security: As companies are out with their mobile applications, these have made work easy but, at the same time, opened new doors to hackers and cyber crimes. A person with knowledge about mobile applications and their security will have a higher chance. 
  • Ethical Hacking: Knowledge of ethical hacking or a certificate in it will add a bonus point to your resume. This quality will help you understand the hackers’ moves and behaviour. 
  • Research: The ability to research different types of threats and record their impact and the loss or damage they might cause to the company. 
  • Security Audit: Audit is an overall review of the security software, hardware, and network. It gives a third-party view. It is an independent examination of the security measures taken by the company. This also involves the assessment of a disaster recovery plan. 
  • Forensic: As the name suggests, it is related to cyber crimes and attacks. It is an in-depth investigation of cyber crimes to reach the bottom of it. One can obtain a certificate in forensic investigation. 
  • Continuous learning: Threats are evolving every day. With the frequent change in technologies, the position of Cyber Security professionals requires continuous learning and updating of knowledge.

Popular companies that hire Cyber Security, Analyst

The career of Cyber Security is on the rise in India as businesses in the very industry are automating their operations and moving data to clouds. This gives rise to the need for a Cyber Security Analyst. The few major companies are Wipro Technologies, Ernst & Young, and Tata consultancy services. The highest Cyber Security Analyst salary of INR 7,21,797 is paid by cognizant technologies solution.  


As a Cyber Security Analyst, you not only cater your services to a company. It is an attempt to protect our cyber system and provide robust security to the users. That, in turn, will strengthen our nation at large. The career of a Cyber Security Analyst is on the rise, and as per recent surveys, it will be one of the most highly paid jobs in the future. With the right amount of skills and qualifications, one can easily start a career in Cyber Security. We hope that with the information mentioned above, you can secure yourself the best Cyber Security job.UNext Jigsaw offers a one-of-its-kind placement guaranteed Postgraduate Certificate Program in Cybersecurity for aspiring professionals looking out to charter a career in this domain.

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