Making the Mid-Career Jump with Analytics

After a few years of working in any field, feeling the burnout is quite common. It is what you do when that happens that will decide how your career further shapes up. Gone are the days when you can continue working in a similar role all your career without the need to learn anything drastically new.

We have new technologies being introduced and adopted at a far rapid pace. Most skills are getting outdated just as they are getting popular, save a few like analytics and data science. The need for a mid-career upskilling and change is very high, without which stagnancy and redundancy in the job sets in. While analytics has gone mainstream now, it has always been a key skill that employers looked for. The next 5 years is going to see an even more demand for data and related skills and there is no better time to upskill than now.

Recognizing this very same need, Sankaralingam Balakrishnan decided to enroll for the Postgraduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning (PGPDM) – a specialized analytics program by Jigsaw Academy and University of Chicago Graham School.

“Having invested almost 12 years in IT Project Management,  I had been evaluating a mid career jump. Analytics is a field that has been growing at exponential pace so it was a logical transition for me to take it up as a career option. What I really like about this course is the module on Project Management in Analytics. This was not offered by any other program or institute and this made my choice easier and opting for the PGPDM. I believe it is a specialized skill, which is slightly different from IT Project Management, and is what the industry is demanding currently. I hope to build a career in an Analytics Project Management and leverage my past experience in the process.” says Sankaralingam.

The PGPDM offers excellent course curriculum spread across Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Visualization. With the opportunity to work with real data sets and learn to make strategic data driven business decisions, the program helps professionals acquire advanced proficiency in applying state-of-the-art technologies to real-world business cases.

Offered in a blended learning mode – online and offline – it presents convenience of learning at your own pace and place. With the offline classes offered only on weekends every few weeks, it does not disrupt the daily work flow of working professionals. The program comes with the added advantage of being offered by a world class top ranked international university, something few programs in India can boast of.

Stepping into the world of data is an excellent career move for mid-career professionals, and a really good way to do that is through a program like the Postgraduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning (PGPDM) – a program that offers flexibility, functionality, and the freedom to learn at your convenience. Join professionals like Sankaralingam and be counted among the elite few in the country who can build the future.

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