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In this digital era, every company and business is becoming aware of its data security.  Many businesses look to multiple security options to secure their important data. Some go for cloud deployment models as per their needs. These models can be categories into 3 modes- Private Cloud Providers, Public Cloud Providers and Hybrid Cloud providers.  Most companies choose Private cloud service over the other 2 options because the Private Cloud services are known for high-standard security, stability, great command over the server, and easy access to customization. 

In this article let us look at:

  1. What are Private Cloud Providers?
  2. Types of Private Cloud Services
  3. List of Private Cloud Providers

1) What are Private Cloud Providers?

Private Cloud Providers mean the company owns on-demand cloud computing infrastructure and services by designing its own data center and intranet by using IT resources. The company hosts its own data center privately or takes the help of a third-party service.  Private cloud computing can be expensive; however, it offers high-standard security, stability, control over the data center and server,  reliable management,  privacy, responsible governance, and compliance concern. 

Also, companies can customize resources by their ideas, such as computing components, network, server, and data center.  Companies can store their data in a secured location.   They can scale their IT resources for their growing business requirements. 

The companies can share on-demand resources data, services, computing devices, and information with minimum managing efforts.

Due to having an onsite cloud system, the private cloud service is easy to access and controllable infrastructure system for companies and businesses. Compared to the public cloud system, if companies have any issues or problems operating this cloud system, their IT staff can easily define and solve those problems. 

Here are examples of private cloud providers: 

2) Types of Private Cloud Services

1. Managed Private Cloud – The system is not shared its infrastructure. It is also known as a single-customer cloud. This cloud service has been offered by third-party providers. These providers offer services like maintenance, remote management, upgrades, support, and software applications.

Examples of Managed Private Cloud services:

  • Dimension Data Enterprise Private Cloud
  • Rackspace Managed Private Cloud
  • CloudOps Managed Private Cloud
  • Connectria Managed Cloud
  • PhoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud

2. Virtual Private Cloud – It is a Hybrid model of cloud service in which public cloud systems offer their infrastructure to manage the private cloud service. There is a difference between a traditional private cloud service and a virtual private cloud service. In traditional private cloud platforms, organizations onsite IT staff work as service providers, and independent business units are their customers.  On the other hand, virtual private cloud services, public cloud service providers offer private cloud services, and companies are their customers. 

Examples of Virtual Private Cloud Services:

  • Amazon VPC
  • Google VPC
  • OVH
  • Alibaba VPC
  • Huawei VPC
  • Rackspace VPC
  • Atos Digital Private Cloud 

3. On-Premise Private Cloud – This cloud system can be hosted internally with internal data centers. The cloud service is managed and hosted by companies’ in-house IT departments.   That’s why this cloud model is more secure, scalable, and configurable than other private cloud modes. 

Examples of On-Premise Private Cloud Services:

  • NextCloud
  • Syncthing
  • Seafile
  • ownCloud
  • Pydio Cells
  • OneNeck IT Solutions 

4. Hosted Private Cloud – This system provides cloud servers by its own data center. Such cloud modes are capable of managing high-standard security. In this mode, customers can access resources such as cloud servers, dashboard, support team, and high demand scalability.  

Examples of Hosted Private Cloud Services:

  • Rackspace Technology
  • HostGator
  • OVH
  • Flexential Hosted Private Cloud      

3) List of Private Cloud Providers 

There are many well-known best private cloud providers known for great services for popular companies and businesses. 

Here is the private cloud providers list:

  1. Connectria Managed Cloud
  2. INAP Private Cloud
  3. Dimension Data Enterprise Private Cloud
  4. Rackspace Managed Private Cloud
  5. CloudOps Managed Private Cloud
  6. Unitas Enterprise Private Cloud
  7. Navisite Private Cloud 
  8. Claranet Private Cloud
  9. CompleteCloud
  10. Flexential Hosted Private Cloud
  11. PhoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud
  12. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)
  13. IBM Cloud Private
  14. Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


All in all, private cloud providers are beneficial for companies/ businesses as they provide high-quality security, scalability to users, self-customizable servers and data centers, and privacy. Such providers help companies/ organizations to grow their productivity and business.

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