Cyber Security Salary In India – A Concise Overview (2021)

Cyber Security Salary Introduction

We live in a world where people love to stay online all the time. Be it for entertainment or business – everything has become an online affair for people. There have been several cases across the globe when organizations lost a lot of online data resulting in a lot of financial loss.

The more we depend on online data storage platforms, the risk of falling victim to ransomware also increases. There have been an ample number of cases in India and across the globe where hackers have gained access to critical files of businesspeople. This not only results in financial loss but also dents the reputation in the world market. To evade such financial losses or scars to their reputation, companies should invest more in cybersecurity analysts’ salaries in India.

A report released by KSN (Kaspersky Security Network) shows a surge of 37% in cyber-attacks in 2020. With the increase in online data storing practices, the need for cybersecurity has increased. This directly leads to an upsurge in the cybersecurity job market and the cyber security salary in India.

  1. What is Cybersecurity?
  2. Types of Cyber Security?
  3. What Are The Cybersecurity Threats?
  4. How will you define cybersecurity threats?
  5. Cyber Security Jobs And Salaries In India
  6. How to pursue a cybersecurity career?

1) What is Cybersecurity?

As the name suggests, cybersecurity is a way of protecting your online data from getting into the wrong hands. Cybersecurity, in other words, can be defined as the practice of protecting smartphones, computers, servers, networks, and electronic systems from ransomware or hackers. In many areas, cybersecurity is also known as electronic information security or IT security. The more sensitive and technical the area, the more lucrative the salary package; hence the salary of cybersecurity in India is on the higher side of the number line.

Cybersecurity is a term that can differ from context to context. It can be divided into various categories based on the context, anywhere from mobile computing to business. The job you select will define the salary bar for you, but as has been already mentioned, the cybersecurity job’s salary in India is always high. This is because the companies who hire these people trust the organization’s most important information in their hands. 

2) Types of Cyber Security?

Some of the few common categories of cybersecurity jobs in India are listed below:

  • Application Security

The name is self-explanatory. A person who works for application security deals with threats that can pose problems in devices and software. If any application that holds your important data, such as bank credentials, gets compromised, it would be a problematic situation for you. Therefore, these people check the security patches multiple times right from the design stage until the software gets deployed. This is the reason why the cyber security salary in India is always high. 

  • Network Security

Another cybersecurity job in India is network security. In this, the person keeps the computer and smartphone networks safe from intruders. The networks are constantly under attack by opportunist malware as well as hackers. No wonder cybersecurity experts’ salary in India is scaling new highs.

  • Information Security

If you aspire to a high cybersecurity government job salary in India, you must become an information security keeper. The person who completes his education in this stream gets a job in government organizations and private MNCs. The concerned person defends the privacy and integrity of data that’s in transit and storage. 

  • Operational security

The concerned person must keep the organization’s data assets protected and safe using various methods and processes. This is an umbrella under which things like ‘details of accessing a network’, ‘procedure that determines the whereabouts of the data, and much more are termed. Operational security is an all-encompassing security responsibility and draws one of the high-paid packages of cyber security salary in India.

  • Disaster Recovery

Not all malware can be stopped. Not all threats can be eliminated before it corrupts your data or leaks it. There are cases where obstructing a hacker becomes a difficult task. There are many examples worldwide where organizations have taken a hit in terms of financial losses and reputation tampering—no wonder why the salary of cybersecurity in India or abroad should be so high.

When the cybersecurity firewall of any organization is breached, a disaster recovery policy gets issued in such cases. The disaster recovery person then checks and eliminates the threat from the system. After a while, when things get normal, another firewall is put up, and everything resumes. Though not many people choose to opt for this category, it is one of India’s best and highest-paid jobs. If we go back to the early 21st century, cyber security salary in India was considerably low, but now the salary is not a bar for qualified and capable professionals.

  • End-user education

The reason for a security breach is not always an external party. At times people fail to follow the defined security practices, and they accidentally bring a virus into the workforce. Addressing and educating the security practices of all the employees of a company is also an important task that’s done by the person who has studied end-user education in cybersecurity. The cybersecurity expert’s salary is expected to be high enough in India for an end-user education expert. 

3) What Are The Cybersecurity Threats?

Cybersecurity professionals always try, and they continuously work hard to defend the systems and networks of people. But that has never stopped or demotivated hackers from attempting to hit businesses with their cyber attacks. Several world-class hackers have successfully tried and hacked various websites, systems, and other things worldwide.

4) How will you define cybersecurity threats? 

It is defined as the chance or possibility of malicious attacks that can happen in an organization. 

This attack is unauthorized, and it helps the hacker to access the data unlawfully. When the attack is big enough, it can also disrupt the digital operation and damage sensitive data. In the past decade, there have been several high-profile cyberattacks on many big organizations throughout the world. 

Cyber attacks can be conducted by a single person or by a group of like-minded people. If you wish to pursue a cybersecurity course to get a high cybersecurity government job salary in India then here are a few things you should know. These are a few common cybersecurity threats doing the rounds:

  • Malware
  • Emotet
  • Denial of service
  • Man in the middle
  • Phishing
  • SQL injection
  • Password attacks

5) Cyber Security Jobs And Salaries In India

With the increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals, job options and salary brackets are also increasing. A cybersecurity analyst’s salary in India is one of the best-paid packages. If you, too, are aspiring to become a cybersecurity professional, here is what you can root for.

  • Network Security Engineer

The Network Security Engineer is a significant and reputed position in any organization, and the cybersecurity engineer salary in India also appears to be a good package for beginners. The person designated as a network security engineer must look after the organization’s assets and protect them from every possible threat. The person should have great communication, technical, and organizational skills to combat any threat.

A Network Security Engineer has to look after the quality control in designing and securing the data, and other IT infrastructure crucial for the company. Apart from all these responsibilities, a network security engineer must keep a check on the firewall, routers, VPNs, switches, and other monitoring tools. The cybersecurity engineer’s salary in India can be anywhere between 4-8 lacs per annum in the beginning. 

  • Cybersecurity Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst can also be referred to as a data security analyst, IT security analyst, Information security analyst, and security analyst. The person working in this capacity has to look after many things, including implementation, planning, and upgrading the measures and security controls in an organization. This person’s job responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the security access.
  • Maintaining the data.
  • Protecting data files.
  • Protecting information systems against any unauthorized breach, modification, or destruction.

The cybersecurity analyst needs to manage and check intrusion detection, eliminate the threat, conduct regular internal audits, host external security audits, and manage networks. The person is also answerable for any breach in the system. The cybersecurity analyst’s salary in India can be anywhere between 5-7 lacs in the beginning. As you get experienced your salary rises proportionally.

  • Security Architect

In any organization, the network and computer architecture is designed by the security architect. This person helps the organization set up barriers and educate employees about the organization’s good working scenario. These people help in researching, developing, and planning the major elements of security. Based on the company’s needs, this person creates a design and then works with the programming team to draft the final structure. This is one of the highest-paid cybersecurity jobs in India. The cyber security salary in India for security architects ranges from 17 to 22 lacs per annum. 

  • Cyber Security Manager

The cybersecurity manager heads all the programmers and developers in the field. This person has to actively frame the strategies that can help improve the network security and internet in various projects. The person also has to check on multiple security protocols while strictly maintaining data security standards. Moreover, the person has to keep a tab on servers, switches, connectors, routers, and other connected devices to keep data security intact. 

The person who works as the cybersecurity manager in an organization gets paid nearly 12 lacs per annum, one of the higher cybersecurity job salaries in India. If the organization needs more people for security purposes, it’s the cybersecurity manager they will look forward to.

  • Ethical Hackers

If you have always wondered- what cybersecurity government jobs salaries in India amount to, then you must know that an ethical hacker earns up to 6 lacs per annum. These hackers are professionals. They know how to find bugs (if any) in the network system. These people are responsible for identifying security flaws and vulnerabilities to help businesses prevent any unknown event. 

Many hackers anonymously work for government firms and help them figure out the security problems by hacking their websites. Ethical hackers never misuse the information they get while checking a website or business. They work under rules and regulations and abide by all the laws of hacking. Their efforts are legal and legitimate and never pose any problem to any organization.

These people are responsible for checking the security patches, and vulnerabilities, if any, performing reverse engineering, analysis of software, application analysis, malware analysis, debugging, and many more problems. These people check out the software, application, or website problems and help the companies fix them. This kind of hard work and smart work deserves to be rewarded with high cybersecurity expert salary in India or anywhere in the world.

6) How To Pursue A Cybersecurity Career?

With all the information discussed above, it is not difficult to understand that cybersecurity professionals’ demand has increased over time. With this, cybersecurity salaries in India are growing day in and day out. We can’t deny that our overdependence on online data storage systems will only increase this demand in the future. With never-ending demand and a handsome salary coupled together, it makes any cybersecurity career one of the best options for technically sound people. 

After reading this article, if you are also convinced to pursue this profession, you can go for the PG diploma course or any other such courses that give you a specialization in software development in cybersecurity. These courses will not just make you technically sound but will provide a complete understanding of application security, network security, data secrecy, cryptography, and much more. Not only the cybersecurity salaries in India are attractive, but the jobs are also equally exciting and cerebral.

You can select any institute according to your choice and check for their offering. Ensure the institute provides you with complete knowledge about cybersecurity to achieve the job you aspire to once the course gets finished. 


A Cybersecurity job is an interesting one, and the salary of cybersecurity in India is respectable too. The job gives you knowledge throughout your life, a handsome salary that significantly increases over time, and job security. Be it the cybersecurity jobs salary in India or the demand of such people, none of these two things will see a dip in the coming time. So, if you love spending time coding and looking for ways to protect your data, then this is the right course and the perfect job for you.


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