5 Cyber Security Skills in High Demand

Cyber Security Skills Introduction

Cyber dependency is no longer speculative! Neither is a cyber security breach. The ever-escalating reliance on cyberinfrastructure by everyone from civilians to government, banking and other agencies has made it a key target for information attacks. A whopping bulk of sensitive data is hosted by these platforms, a key amount of which belongs to various reputed organizations. The need for security of such data is paramount and is rapidly emerging as one of the most sought-after roles in an IT/Software professional. Here are 5 of the most desirable cyber security skills in today’s market.

Secure software development

Prevention is the first step to ensuring security. It is imperative to develop software with extra attention to safety, and IT certification programs or IT boot camps can give you a leg-up. Strong quality analysis and iterative checks for plausible breaches must be done.

Coding and Systems Prowess

To better identify errors one must possess a reasonable proficiency in the language. The same holds true when it comes to software development. To provide good cyber security one must be proficient in at least the commonly used languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, C, C++, C#, etc. Being well acquainted with operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, etc also aids in spotting and fixing loopholes thus fortifying the system.

Intrusion detection

Despite repeated efforts, we are bound to err and some infiltrators may manage to find that vulnerability. Catching an intrusion early on in its attack and eliminating it before it reaches vital information is an important method to ensure data security. These breaches occur through various avenues – network traffic, devices and physical systems. Boot-camp courses or boot camp certification classes in cyber security can expose you to a plethora of attack plans, the foresight of which equips you to better defend your system.

Cloud security and Network Monitoring

With more entities shifting to the cloud platform, including top-tier government agencies, data becomes more public and shared. This increases the risk of a data breach, account hijack and exploits. Network vulnerabilities are also a great shared-platform risk. Web and email filtering, firewall and APT (advanced persistent threat) detection tools are some methods to safeguard your data. Most cloud platforms like Google, AWS and Azure have their own security features in place. Agility with cryptography, cloud computing, open source applications, etc are skills that add great value to your efficiency in ensuring cyber security.

Mitigation of risk

As cyber security evolves, so do hacking techniques. Even with the best team in place your organization or system still stands the risk of a cyber security breach. Such an event warrants an effective and updated plan of action to limit the extent of the damage. Every individual, including the PR, HR and legal personnel must strive for early detection of breaches and efficient curbing of such an attack.

Cyber security is a need of the hour and with these skills, you will volley to the top 20% percentile of IT employment.

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