AAA Cyber security: A Complete Overview In 2 Points


AAA Cyber Security is a key technology feature which sanctions control over access to information of the user and thereby protecting it from the outsider’s attack. It works on a key allotting function which is only given to certain people to access and rejects the request of others entering without a key. Let’s look at AAA Cyber Security, 3 A’s of Cyber Security, AAA process and Why AAA.

In AAA Cyber Security, the triplet’s ‘AAA’ stands for Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting.  All of them belongs to a culture of protocols that controls network access of any system or Application. These three A’s of Cyber Security smartly controls access to computer resources and increase flexibility by emancipating strict auditing and access policies. AAA Computer Security mainly focuses on ensuring access to network and software application resources can be limited to specific legitimate users only. 

After understanding what AAA stands for, now we move towards their definition.

  1. Definition
  2. Implementation

1) Definition

Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting (AAA) are discussed below step by step.

1.    Authentication

It is a Process which identifies that the user who is asking for access to the network resources are valid or not. It is the first step of AAA Computer Security which uses some credentials such as username and password to verify. Each user must have a unique set of identification information. Identification can be established via passwords, single sign-on (SSO) systems, biometrics, digital certificates, and public key infrastructure because due to the advancement of the Data thefts and Cyber Attacks.

2.    Authorization

It ensures whether the user who has gained access to the network resources through authentication is using it for good purpose or not. It is the next step after Authentication. Once the Authentication is successful, Authorisation gives permit to the user whether what is allowed to access to him or not and the operations that can be performed.

3.    Accounting

It is a process of strictly monitoring the activities done by the user like how long that person is assessing the data, any specific information in which he is keenly interested in etc. after getting the access to the network resources. 

2) Implementation

AAA Process can be implemented in two ways. These are:

  • ACS server – In this process, the implementation of AAA Cyber Security of a  device can be possible with the help of an external ACS Server which is internally installed into the user’s device for which configuration on both router and ACS required. 
  • Local database – In this process, the implementation of AAA Cyber Security of a  device can be possible with the help of a Router or a Switch through which it is connected. It is cheaper than the ACS Server and can be easily accessible anywhere.


AAA, Authentication, Authorization and Accounting are key features of maintaining security and protection of the user, allowing and giving access to the necessary information to the users who have valid passwords, committing to the security. It keeps an eye on all the user’s ID and VPN with which they are entering and accessing information and if something found misleading or erroneous than the action to be taken against that illicit miscreant.

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