Top 10 Challenges of Cyber Security Faced in 2022

Cyber Security is becoming a severe issue for individuals, enterprises, and governments alike. In a world where everything is on the internet, from cute kitten videos and our travel diaries to our credit card information, ensuring that our data remains safe is one of the biggest challenges of Cyber Security. Cyber Security challenges come in many forms, such as ransomware, phishing attacks, malware attacks, and more. India ranks 11th globally in terms of local cyber-attacks and has witnessed 2,299,682 incidents in Q1 of 2020 already. 

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top 10 biggest challenges of Cyber Security in 2020 so that you can protect your personal and professional data against any potential threats. 

Listing out some of the most common types of cyber-attacks:

  1. Ransomware attacks
  2. IoT attacks
  3. Cloud attacks
  4. Phishing attacks
  5. Blockchain and cryptocurrency attacks
  6. Software vulnerabilities
  7. Machine learning and AI attacks
  8. BYOD policies
  9. Insider attacks
  10. Outdated hardware

10 Biggest Challenges of Cyber Security in 2020

Let’s explore the list:

1. Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have become popular in the last few years and pose one of India’s most prominent Cyber Security challenges in 2020. According to the Cyber Security firm Sophos, about 82% of Indian organizations were hit by ransomware in the last six months. Ransomware attacks involve hacking into a user’s data and preventing them from accessing it until a ransom amount is paid. Ransomware attacks are critical for individual users but more so for businesses that can’t access the data for running their daily operations. However, with most ransomware attacks, the attackers don’t release the data even after the payment is made and instead try to extort more money.

2. IoT Attacks

According to IoT Analytics, there will be about 11.6 billion IoT devices by 2021. IoT devices are computing, digital, and mechanical devices that can autonomously transmit data over a network. Examples of IoT devices include desktops, laptops, mobile phones, smart security devices, etc. As the adoption of IoT devices is increasing at an unprecedented rate, so are the challenges of Cyber Security. Attacking IoT devices can result in the compromise of sensitive user data. Safeguarding IoT devices is one of the biggest challenges in Cyber Security, as gaining access to these devices can open the doors for other malicious attacks.

3. Cloud Attacks

Most of us today use cloud services for personal and professional needs. Also, hacking cloud platforms to steal user data is one of the challenges in Cyber Security for businesses. We are all aware of the infamous iCloud hack, which exposed private photos of celebrities. If such an attack is carried out on enterprise data, it could pose a massive threat to the organization and maybe even lead to its collapse.

4. Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. Unlike ransomware attacks, the hacker, upon gaining access to confidential user data, doesn’t block it. Instead, they use it for their own advantages, such as online shopping and illegal money transfer. Phishing attacks are prevalent among hackers as they can exploit the user’s data until the user finds out about it. Phishing attacks remain one of the major challenges of Cyber Security in India, as the demographic here isn’t well-versed with handling confidential data.

5. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Attacks


While blockchain and cryptocurrency might not mean much to the average internet user, these technologies are a huge deal for businesses. Thus, attacks on these frameworks pose considerable challenges in Cyber Security for businesses as it can compromise customer data and business operations. These technologies have surpassed their infancy stage but have yet not reached an advanced secure stage. Thus, several attacks have been attacks, such as DDOS, Sybil, and Eclipse, to name a few. Organizations need to be aware of the security challenges that accompany these technologies and ensure that no gap is left open for intruders to invade and exploit.

6. Software Vulnerabilities

Even the most advanced software has some vulnerabilities that might pose significant challenges to Cyber Security in 2020, given that the adoption of digital devices now is more than ever before. Individuals and enterprises don’t usually update the software on these devices as they find it unnecessary. However, updating your device’s software with the latest version should be a top priority. An older software version might contain patches for security vulnerabilities that are fixed by the developers in the newer version. Attacks on unpatched software versions are one of the major challenges of Cyber Security. These attacks are usually carried out on a large number of individuals, like the Windows zero-day attacks.

7. Machine Learning and AI Attacks

While Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies have proven highly beneficial for massive development in various sectors, it has its vulnerabilities as well. These technologies can be exploited by unlawful individuals to carry out cyberattacks and pose threats to businesses. These technologies can be used to identify high-value targets among a large dataset. Machine Learning and AI attacks are another big concern in India. A sophisticated attack might prove to be too difficult to handle due to the lack of Cyber Security expertise in our country.

8. BYOD Policies

Most organizations have a Bring-Your-Own-Device policy for their employees. Having such systems poses multiple challenges in Cyber Security. Firstly, if the device is running an outdated or pirated version of the software, it is already an excellent medium for hackers to access. Since the method is being used for personal and professional reasons, hackers can easily access confidential business data. Secondly, these devices make it easier to access your private network if their security is compromised. Thus, organizations should let go of BYOD policies and provide secure devices to the employees, as such systems possess enormous challenges of Computer Security and network compromise.

9. Insider Attacks

While most challenges of Cyber Security are external for businesses, there can be instances of an inside job. Employees with malicious intent can leak or export confidential data to competitors or other individuals. This can lead to huge financial and reputational losses for the business. These challenges of Computer Security can be negated by monitoring the data and the inbound and outbound network traffic. Installing firewall devices for routing data through a centralized server or limiting access to files based on job roles can help minimize the risk of insider attacks.

 10. Outdated Hardware

Well, don’t be surprised. Not all challenges of Cyber Security come in the form of software attacks. With software developers realizing the risk of software vulnerabilities, they offer periodic updates. However, these new updates might not be compatible with the hardware of the device. This is what leads to outdated hardware, wherein the hardware isn’t advanced enough to run the latest software versions. This leaves such devices on an older version of the software, making them highly susceptible to cyberattacks. 


To protect your devices and data against cyber threats, you can adopt simple measures such as using the latest hardware and software for your digital needs. You will also need to adopt advanced measures such as installing a firewall to add an extra security layer. We hope that this blog, outlining 10 major challenges of Cyber Security, has made you aware of the threats and hope that you will take corrective actions at an individual and organizational level to safeguard against such security issues. Suppose you are interested in making a career as a Cyber Security  Specialist. In that case, you can browse through our Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Blue Team), a 520 hours long program with preparation for 7 global certifications.

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