Crypto Scams Row: How Safe Are Blockchains Actually?

Cryptocurrencies are game-changing.

NFTs are revolutionary.

Blockchain is super airtight.


However, amidst all the news on people becoming millionaires through NFTs and cryptocurrencies rewriting conventions, there are also news that are quite alarming – crypto scams.

Yes, with the world gradually adapting blockchain applications and concepts and several countries revisiting their policies on cryptocurrencies, this comes at the wrong time. Fortune also recently published an article that brings out the different types of crypto scams to rattle the internet, targeting people who are genuinely enthusiastic about riding the new wave.

From investment frauds to manipulating smart contracts, hackers and attackers are coming up with new ways to exploit vulnerabilities of the tech and people to swindle money’s worth. The social media acts as their playground, specifically Facebook and Instagram.

This only calls for more tech literacy and awareness through airtight cybersecurity measures. The more individuals know about the tech, the more they are aware of loopholes and vulnerabilities. So, this is the time for any organization to revisit their strategize and prioritize cybersecurity over anything else this year.

You can read the entire article here

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