Cyber Security Analyst: Skills, Job description, and Salary


A lot of people ponder if the annual cyber security analyst salary reaches the sky and goes beyond. Why? This speculation is mainly due to the tasks and requirements of the cyber security analyst job. Unlike many other roles and responsibilities in a company, the primary duty of the cyber security analyst is to protect a company from numerous online threats. Over the past few years, hackers and other kinds of online criminals have become much more sophisticated.

This has increased the requirements in any cyber security analyst job description. Indeed, if you are looking for a promising career in this field of work – you need to have a cyber security analyst resume that covers and goes beyond conventional client data security.

  1. Who is a Cyber Security Analyst?
  2. Must have Skills as Cyber Security Analyst
  3. Cyber Security Analyst Job Description
  4. Salary Range for Cyber Security Analyst

1.Who is a Cyber Security Analyst?

The cyber security analyst is a professional who is trained and experienced in identifying potential security threats of an organization. They generate contingency plans that can help the organization find a solution when their security is at risk or attacked by third party agents and hackers.

2. Must have Skills as Cyber Security Analyst

As a part of improving your cyber security analyst skills, you need to focus on a few aspects. Practicing from an earlier stage will help in solving and meeting the stringent demands of the role of cyber security analys. Some of the primitive skills required for a cyber security analyst would be detail-oriented, analytical capabilities, innovation, and the desire to solve complex problems.
Even if a simple event occurs, security professionals will be expected to understand the root cause of events. This is one of the reasons why an eye for detail plays an important role in the lives of cyber specialists. Those who have an eye for detail will be able to break down bigger problems and figure out the primary reasons behind a blackout.
Analytical capabilities play a crucial role in what a cybersecurity analyst does. In fact, the average salary for cyber security analyst increases when their analytical capabilities are promising. This skill helps the specialists evaluate the information system and data. They also pay close attention to potential solutions that are created for solving security issues. Their analytical skills help them ensure that the risk imposed by a solution is at a minimal.
Time after time, it is the job of a cyber security specialist to predict future attacks. This is why innovation plays an important role in the list of cyber security analyst requirements and qualities. They have to anticipate attacks in both the network and their machines. They should also be wary of the technologies used by a potent hacker. In the long run, the predictions and experience of the cyber specialist translates into action items.
Another important quality of the cyber expert would be ability to solve problems. These analysts need to think both creatively and accurately to solve problems. They need to have a flawless understanding of how computers, information systems and hacking protocols work. This calls for both formal and industrial knowledge. As mentioned previously, the specialists have to use their knowledge to identify working solutions for existing and futuristic security problems.

3. Cyber Security Analyst Job Description

A recent study revealed that the demand for cyber security professionals will increase by at least 28 percent towards the end of 2026. This clearly shows that more and more companies are looking for specialists who can protect their information, infrastructure, and professionals from cyber threats and attacks. Potentially, the cyber specialist will be expected to nurture the state of both online and offline content. In fact, it would be the job of these professionals to build resilient systems that can fight off anything.
To begin with, you need to be aware of all the trending and reliable cyber security analyst tools. These tools should be clearly mentioned in the resume of cyber security analyst. Tools that focus on data encryption and the installation of firewalls will improve your odds of bagging a great job. Apart from these traditional routines, your job will also call for research and development.

This is where the specialist understands and identifies all the weak spots in the current implementation of the company’s security systems. Even as they do their day to day roles and responsibilities, it is important for the cyber specialist to educate the rest of the company. They need to conduct workshops and conferences that simulate attacks and possible vulnerabilities.
It is also the role of the cyber specialist to create contingency plans. These are plans that need to be executed when the company is finally attacked. The specialists have to utilize a range of tools and multiple strategies when they come up with contingency plans. Why? Cyber attackers often use a wide range of sophisticated and complicated tools to host attacks. A strong defense needs to be planned if a company wants to survive such attacks.
Finally, the cyber specialist has to define the level of access provided to employees within and outside the organization. This is an important decision because it exposes the company’s systems to the world outside. Also, they need to ensure that the organization is in line with their decisions.

4. Salary Range for Cyber Security Analyst

By the end of 2019, cyber security specialists were making between 85,000 and 99,500 USD per annum. In the upcoming days, these numbers are only going to improve. Mainly because the job profile of a cyber security analyst ought to become much more challenging and rich. Also, the number of job opportunities in this domain is going to become better. Even today, the top 10 percent in this domain make from 150,000 to 160,000 USD per annum. With better experiences and higher educational profiles, the median salary of cyber security analysts increases.


On the whole, the role played by a cyber security specialist is inevitable. They are a source of trust and security for both employees and organizations. Regardless of the size of a company, they need a cyber security specialist. And, it is the duty of cyber specialist to keep themselves in line with the latest security tools, technologies, protocols, and strategies.

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