How To Become A Cyber Security Architect? (2021)


Cyber Security has become the need of the hour worldwide. With more and more data uploaded online, how do people ensure that everything is encrypted and safe?

Hacking is a frequent phenomenon chosen by so many individuals on the web who steal your data and leave without any trace. The Cyber Security department has made strict rules and regulations to catch these hackers. If you are a techie expert or a fresh engineering graduate, you can get into this field as a Cyber Security Architect (CSA).

  1. Who is a Cyber Security Architect?
  2. What does Cyber Security Architect do?
  3. How to Become a Cyber Security Architect?
  4. Skills Required for Cyber Security Architects
  5. Benefits of a Cyber Security Architect
  6. Cyber Security Architect Salary

1. Who is a Cyber Security Architect?

A Cyber Security Architect analyzes a company’s information technology and various computer systems and identifies its merits and flaws. They perform risk analysis tests, penetration tests, and ethical hacks on different networks, VPNs, and wide area networks.

They can also analyze and access routers, computer systems, and comparable systems to check for flaws and efficiency. They are similar to hackers, and their minds also work the same way; the difference is that security architects work to save our data rather than steal it. They push the security systems of the company to their limits. After identifying the problems and vulnerabilities in existing systems and implementing different designs and changes to make them more secure.

2. What does Cyber Security Architect do?

Cyber Security Architects develop and design Cyber Security architectures that protect the data of a company and even our data when we use different apps. These architects work day and night on building effective firewalls for these apps so that whatever data we put on them is protected and safe.

They inculcate the knowledge of security software and hardware, Cyber Security risks, and organizational needs of a company.

Cyber Security Architecture is a broad field for engineers and technology experts who have worked on Data Privacy, Data Science, and programming languages. They build and maintain the security of systems and networks in a company. They also look after budgets for developing the architecture, assign personnel resources as required. They closely work with the information technology or IT team of a company. Often, in different companies, Security Architects train and lead IT Analysts, Security Engineers, and Security Administrators to ensure smooth functioning.

When someone is hacking into the company’s system, security architects look after such security breaches. They analyze the damages, causes done during the hacking process and work on data recovery of lost data by preparing detailed reports for the entire IT and Cyber Security team, managers, and other executives. After analyzing such data, they develop and execute necessary changes and updates to resolve the breaches and vulnerabilities.

3. How to Become a Cyber Security Architect?

A great skill of a Cyber Security Architect is that they think a lot like hackers, so while building a security system, they know what to include and what not to include. Many Cyber Security Architects learn about hacking systems during their bachelor’s, and most of them come from engineering, IT, and computer science backgrounds. You can become a security architect if you hold a bachelor’s degree.

● A bachelor’s degree in the IT field helps you to excel in Cyber Security very well. Information technology knowledge gives the students a wholesome experience of security, network, programming languages, firewalls, and a lot more. After working with the security admins department, you will also learn about installing firewalls and monitoring a company’s security system.

● After completing your bachelor’s, you can secure entry-level jobs that mostly lead to roles like security engineers, analysts, and consultants. Security analysts monitor and detect any data intrusions, and security engineers develop IT and security solutions for a company.

● The experience that you will gain in these entry-level and mid-level jobs is very crucial. With more experience, the scope of Cyber Security is endless. You can also opt for different Cyber Security certification courses to improve your IT and technical skills. It keeps you in practice and updated with the latest security systems.

4. Skills Required for Cyber Security Architects

Cyber Security job requirements include a few skills, such as leadership skills and technological skills. Your bachelor’s degree or certificate course will help you learn about operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. You will also get to know about wireless and wired security systems, basic IT principles, and network architecture.

When you work with the company, you deal with risk management systems and different assessment theories. During this time, you will get acquainted with the basic Cyber Security rules and guidelines set by the Government of India.

Security architects are experts in concepts like routing, proxy processes, and account authentication. If you are going to build a career in this subject, you must learn frameworks like COBIT. COBIT is Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology that is established by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). ITIL, IT Infrastructure Library, is also taught in IT courses, a set of laws and guidelines for IT management, and guides Cyber Security Architects in their job roles.

Learning about the company’s policies, government rules and regulations, and Cyber Security ethics also help security architects to perform their job roles efficiently.

It is a huge benefit to hold a graduate degree related to this field to enhance your prospects as a security architect.

5. Benefits of a Cyber Security Architect

Certification also helps you secure a job in any company along with a bachelor’s degree. A security architect is responsible for the entire security system of a company. It is a prestigious job, but it comes with its demerits. Any massive breach and you are not able to solve it – the blame can come to you.

The pay of security architects is handsome, and the competition in this field is low and still catching up. Cyber Security is still growing in India as more and more IT engineers are graduating each year. India being a developing country, doesn’t have efficient Cyber Security and data privacy laws and guidelines yet, but the Government is getting there. Maybe even you can be a part of the Data Security law-making process in the future.

6. Cyber Security Architect Salary

The average annual salary of a Cyber Security architect, according to Payscale, is $122,676. The entry-level jobs offer a salary worth $77,000 annually, while for mid-level jobs, it is $118,000. The higher-level job roles of security architects who have 20 years of more experience earn up to $133,000 annually.

The national average salary for Cyber Security architects in India is Rs. 18 62,980 annually. It varies on this range for different roles and companies across India. There are various Cyber Security job requirements in the government sector to secure national data and military data; you can easily apply for those courses.


There is a constant need for Cyber Security Architects in India. With new updated policies and security issues rising every day, many companies require a system to secure their data and their customer’s data.

This stream’s scope is growing, and almost every company has an IT department in need of a security architect who can protect their data and monitor any breaches. The government intelligence services also hire security architects for hacking into criminal mastermind’s laptops, and for various other cases, it is indeed a prestigious and high paying job. If you secure a government job as a security architect, your future is wholesome, prestigious, and secure.

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