Top Cyber Security Facts: A Concise Guide for 2021


Your computer, laptops, servers, mobile devices, networks, and electronic systems are prone to malicious attacks. This is where cybersecurity comes in. Cybersecurity protects all your devices and networks from these threats, which might cause you to harm by hacking into your personal info. Cyberattacks mostly aim at accessing, destroying, or changing personal and sensitive information, interrupt normal business processes, or extorting money from people.

Cyberattacks are a global threat, and the cyberattacks statistics are evolving rapidly with data breaches each year. To avoid such attacks, the cybersecurity industry is stepping up its game each year with new resources. Although we are still not fully aware and immune to these attacks, the cybersecurity industry has come a long way. Read on further to know about some of the top cyber security facts. 

List of top cyber security facts 

Here are some of the crucial cyber security facts:

  • Every 39 seconds, a hacker is born: According to a Clark School study at the University of Maryland, a computer with access to the internet gets hacked every 39 seconds. One of the most common causes of your computer being hacked may be the non-secure usernames and passwords used, which give the hackers and attackers more chance to step up their hacking game.
  • Small business is the target of 43% of cyber-attacks: About 64% of companies have undergone web-based cyber-attacks while 62% have experienced social engineering and phishing attacks. These cyber-attack statistics have been derived after proper research and studies.
  • A breach of data costs about $3.9 million on a global average across SMB’s: When a company suffers a data breach, it suffers a lot not only in the monetary aspect but also in their downfall of reputation. The cost of a data breach for public companies is much higher because more is at stake. 
  • Government, retail, and technology industries suffer majority: These industries are equipped with major sensitive information of the public and hence are an easy target for cyber-attacks. 
  • Phishing attacks can be avoided by human intelligence and comprehension: Phishing refers to fraudulently obtaining sensitive data or information by impersonating oneself as a reliable and responsible entity in digital communication. Such attacks mainly depend on user behaviour and understanding. One must do proper research and ensure reliability before passing on sensitive information to any business entity. Phishing attacks contribute to more than 80% of the data breaches and have increased in huge numbers during today’s times.
  • According to the cybersecurity facts, $6 trillion globally is expected to be spent on cyberattacks by 2021: This is the newly defined reality in today’s world. The companies and enterprises are obliged to ensure a fundamental change in their approach to cybersecurity and reprioritise budgets to align with this new threat.
  • Human errors are a major cause of cybersecurity breaches: According to cyber-attack statistics, up to 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused as a result of human error. Your weakest link will be the main target for cybercriminals and hackers, who will infiltrate your company and enterprises.
  • More than 77% of the organisations are deprived of a proper response to cyber-attacks: Even though the cyber-attacks are increasing day-by-day, still the majority of companies and enterprises have not derived a proper cybersecurity incident response plan. Every company is under the threat of a cyber-attack, but a proper response plan has not yet been derived.
  • Data breaches take time to be detected: Data breaches are detected only when you notice a default in your accounts or personal info. Unfortunately, a lot of your info will have already been compromised on platforms like Facebook, Capital One, and Equifax before the breach of data is detected.
  • Cyber-crime statistics state that the cost of globally committed cyber-crimes will reach $6 trillion by 2021: Every individual or enterprise connected to the internet are under a threat of cyber-attacks. Hackers do not necessarily attack huge companies, corporations, or wealthy people to extort money. Anyone can become a victim of cyber-attacks.


These were some of the alarming cybersecurity facts which will leave you surprised and also educate you on this global rising threat around the world. Be it an individual or a corporate enterprise. It is crucial for one to have a detailed understanding of the cyber-attack statistics by the year, cyber-crime rates, and the cyber security facts and figures. Investing time and money in educating your employees and members of your organization will ensure the safety and security of your company and will safeguard your company from cyber-attacks.

Advanced training about cybersecurity must be provided at all levels and departments of your business enterprises, from marketing to sales to the IT department. With the world majorly relying on technology in today’s times, it is not possible to keep yourself away and immune to such cyber-attacks, but you can always stay well-informed and ensure all measures to avoid such attacks. After reading this article, we hope you have become more familiar with the cyber security facts and figures as well as cyber-crime rates and data.

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