Cyber Security Gadgets: A Concise Guide For 2021


What are cyber-attacks? Cyber-attacks attempt to destroy data, disable computers, steal sensitive information and extort money from victims by hacking into their systems. When we hear of the word “attack,” we do not typically think of our computers or laptops being attacked. But as the world is digitalizing, electronics and technology are becoming more and more prone to cyber-attacks. Hackers gain illegal access to your electronic devices and cause damage and harm. Some examples of cyber-attacks are malware attacks, phishing cyber-attacks, main in the middle cyber-attacks, denial of service cyber-attacks and many more. If you want to keep yourself safe from cyber-attacks, read on further to educate yourself on the various cyber security gadgets available.

List of Cyber Security gadgets

  1. Google Titan Security and computer lock Key Kit
  2. Blockchain router decentralized internet device
  3. Stronghold cryptocurrency storage
  4. Mudi 4G LTE Privacy router
  5. Winston online privacy device
  6. Vektor advanced Wi-Fi network security device
  7. Hello 2 encrypted video communication device
  8. IOEX BOX blockchain VPN device has a private cloud

1. Google Titan Security and computer lock Key Kit

This kit has various devices included protecting your devices from cyber-attacks. All the devices provide an increased level of protection from malicious attacks. The list of devices included in the kit are:

•    USB Security key

•    Bluetooth security key

•    USB-C to USB-A adapter

•    Micro USB to USB-A cable

•    Each USB device acts as a key to your computer which is portable and can easily be carried with you every day. The Bluetooth devices work on your IOS and android devices. Each Titan product is durable and fits right into your keychain.

2. Blockchain router decentralized internet device

If you choose to post about yourself online or indulge in any online services, you deserve your online privacy. This gadget enables you to use the decentralized web and the internet with privacy, anonymity and security. This router is perfectly portable and can fit in your pocket, allowing you to take it anywhere with you. To be secure, you no longer need to compromise your privacy to corporations and government. Connect the blockchain router to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or VPN and you are good to go.

3. Stronghold cryptocurrency storage

When you set a password for an account, you are asked to include a recovery phrase, which will allow you to log in to your account in case you forget your password. Here is where Stronghold cryptocurrency storage will help you remember your recovery phrases and keep them safe. This gadget is fireproof, waterproof, and shockproof. You will always be accessed to your cryptocurrency wallet as the storage will help you prevent any disaster you encounter.

4. Mudi 4G LTE Privacy router

Generally, typical wireless routers are not secure and often leave your sensitive information vulnerable to hackers. But this Mudi router helps you use the internet anonymously without posing a threat to your sensitive info. This cryptographic router helps to keep your data secure and provides a fast and efficient performance that avoids hijacking.

5. Winston online privacy device

Protect your vulnerable data from hackers, advertisers, data brokers, cyber-attacks, or even the government. This cyber security gadget prevents data breaches giving you complete peace of mind. The device is easy to be installed and takes only 60 seconds. This hardware acts as a middle man between your router and modem, hides your geolocation, and encrypts your DNS ensuring the maximum amount of protection.

6. Vektor advanced Wi-Fi network security device

Block malware attacks and snooper with this cyber security gadget featuring an all-in-one design. The Vektor is built with an intrusion detection system and an advanced smart firewall. This gadget protects your smart devices from hackers and also detects malware long before traditional antivirus software and programs. 

7. Hello 2 encrypted video communication device

In recent times, video communication has become a popular tool for conducting business as well as informal meetings. The hello 2 device lets you video chat, ensuring a high level of safety and security. It features an end-to-end encryption and two integrated hack-proof controls to help protect your privacy. 

8. IOEX BOX blockchain VPN device has a private cloud

Cloud storage is being preferred over physical storage for quite some time now. When you store your information in the cloud, your privacy cannot be compromised. IOEX BOX blockchain VPN device ensures that you keep your information safe and provides you with a private cloud and a secured internet connection. The device is portable, easy to use, and can be easily carried anywhere.


It can be overwhelming to think about malicious cyber-attacks, which are a huge threat in today’s world. It may seem complicated; however, with the right amount of safety and education on cybercrime, one can easily use today’s cyber security gadgets to protect oneself from malicious attacks and phishing attacks.

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