The Cyber Security History: All You Need To Know


The first virus developed was purely an innocent mistake. But the cybersecurity has evolved rapidly because of impeccable increase in cybercrime field. In this article, you will read how it all started and continues to grow drastically. Also understand deep about Cyber Security History and how it all began with the growth of hackers.

Cyber Security History

  1. Password protection
  2. Creeper vs Reaper
  3. The rise of powerful hackers
  4. Firewalls came into an Existence
  5. Punishment decided in the eye of the law

1. Password protection

In 1960 when organisations began to become extra guarding of their computers. There was no internet or network to concern about, so security only concentrated on physical factors and restricting access to people with ample information about the computer. Password and many layers of protection were added to the system. Fire safety measures were taken, to assure that the data stored in the system was protected.

2. Creeper vs Reaper

The first computer virus developed was unintentional. In the year 1970 engineer Bob Thomas designed a code intending to move the programs between systems connected by ARPANET. The code has zero intention to cause any risk, displayed a humorous message, “I’m the Creeper: Catch me if you can!” In return, Bob friend Ray Tomlinson coded a higher version of the program that replicates multiple time itself on the computer system. This coding program called Reaper, which deletes the original program code of Bob Thomas and repeats itself on it. The conflict between the Creeper and Reaper was a notable moment in the cyber security history. 

3. The rise of powerful hackers

In 1980 computers viruses grew more superior and security systems were not capable enough to protect systems from new hacking strategies.

In 1986 German computer hacker Marcus Hess stole US military secrets. He hacked around 400 computers including mainframes at the Pentagon and proposed trading their codes to the KGB. 

In 1988, Morris Worm has developed the notable turning points in the history of information security. Internet usage began to increase rapidly. Security policies become expensive which gave rise to the new virus. It was named after its inventor Robert Morris. The worm replicates itself across networks. It aimed to recognise lacking areas in a network interruption blocking system. The worm repeats itself so rapidly that damages the system and slows down the internet speed.

4. Firewalls came into an Existence

In 1990 More and more people began to know about the internet. They Started sharing up their personal data online. The attackers found an ideal source of raising funds and started stealing personal data of government officials and people using the internet. Network security threats increased rapidly. Firewall and anti-virus software were manufactured in bulk, the researchers build a virtual firewall which was formed on the physical body that protects the expansion of fires inside structures.

Antivirus programs were created to minimise the risk of attacks, computer viruses and worms became powerful and fast, so hackers had more advantage at the time.

5. Punishment decided in the eye of the law

In 2000, the government considered hacking as a crime and gave strict punishments to the culprits. It was the first time when punishment was decided for the hackers.

Information security proceeded to advance as the internet users and usage grew rapidly, so did viruses.

Hackers became more powerful to create harmful viruses that target whole cities, states even countries and continents.


Knowing the cyber security history gives you a summary of how cybersecurity has evolved from being a mere experiment.

Cyber-attacks are now continuing to emerge and become more intricate, the rapidly evolving cybersecurity industry faces compelling new hurdles and systems to combat the ever-present menace of malicious activity. A Powerful cybersecurity plan supports the business to meet its requirements based on the sectors and operations. 

We need to apprehend these advance attacks by actively developing solutions against them.

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