Importance Of Data Security In 2021

Ajay Ohri


In the world of data being the key asset, safeguarding our asset is a primary responsibility. Communications, databases, infrastructure, transactions, knowledge; an organization’s data is arguably its most valuable asset. It is in a business’ best interests to keep its information safe, regardless of legal or regulatory requirements.

Doing so:

  • Enables easy access to data wherever and whenever it’s required for business operations
  • Keeps your sensitive data out of hands of dirty competitors
  • Retains data integrity

If one fails to do this, vital information could get into the wrong people’s hands or be rendered otherwise useless.

  1. Why are data security and privacy important?
  2. Importance of data security for businesses
  3. Why is data security important now more than ever?

1) Why are data security and privacy important?

Data security being used to safeguard the data from the irrelevant and unauthorized access all-over its life. Data security is used to apply good security so that the privacy of a person is maintained and unwanted sources do not affect the data. Data privacy and security must be linked to each other to successfully implement the same.

Data privacy and data security related to each other but not clearly the same. They do have some similar obligations:

  • Integrity and accuracy: To have the assurance that data is error-free and not altered is both a privacy and also a security concern.
  • Access control: The cornerstone of privacy is authorized to access the use of data, which is possible through security.
  • Accountability: Business policies relating to data should include both privacy and security.

But both privacy and security have different emphases too. Data security is the practice related to assurance of the confidentiality(privacy)integrity(uprightness), and availability(accessibility) (CIA) of data. Security people are asked to implement measures such as authorization, preventing data breaches, defending against fraudulent attacks and data encryption. Data privacy is focused on how and to what extent companies can collect and process information about individuals. Well, both are important in their places. 

2) Importance of data security for businesses

Data security are protective measures put in place to keep unauthorized access away from databases, websites and computers.  This process also provides a mechanism for protecting data from loss or corruption. Every business today, be it a small or local company or a large corporation, should not overlook implementing security measures. To not have an adequate plan in place for information security which can result in steep consequences for businesses. Here are the reasons why it is important:

  • To Ensure Business Continuity
  • To Avoid Data Breaches
  • To Prevent unauthorized access

Nowadays, the importance of data security has been extended in every field. Every person needs data security in their personal life. Every business has big data stored in its database, which is required to be protected. If this information is hacked in any way then the business would suffer a lot. It is rightly said that “Data is a new oil”. The most important thing in any business is its data. So, to protect this data businesses are also ready to apply high security with high expenditure.

This is where data security has become a big term now because everyone needs safety first. This describes the importance of data security in day to day life. If your data is not safe then your business would automatically go to the Danger zone. So, to run your business in the long run, the importance of data security should be known.

3) Why is data security important now more than ever?

Due to rising amount of data traversing the network through cloud and data centre environments is extraordinary. We now live in what is called the ‘zettabyte era’ according to the Economist. The most appropriate step for much traffic being generated is that we control and protect the transfer of sensitive or personal information at every known place. Huge strides are being made by both proactive organizations and global regulators. The most possible reasons why data security is more important now are:

  • Cyber-attacks affect all the people
  • The fast technological changes will boom cyber attacks
  • Cyber concerns may result in increased rules and regulations.


Therefore this was all about the importance of data security in today’s data-led business world. Protecting data and privacy is the need of the day where millennials are running after protecting data and business houses after mining data from users or consumers after all life is a race and everybody needs fuel and the only concern is choosing the right.

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