Top 5 Information Security Books To Read In 2021


With easy access to the internet, hackers are coming up with new threats and tactics every day in today’s digital era. Thus, the Information Security sector needs to evolve constantly to stay ahead of malicious hackers. As per RiskBased Security’s survey, data breaches exposed 36 billion records in the first half of 2020. Organizations are continuously looking for expert Cyber Security professionals to join them and enhance their systems and network security.

Whether you’re a novice in Information Security or a Cyber Security enthusiast, there’s no better aid than a good book to turn to understand the nuances of Information Security. They’re going to help you stay up to date with basics, history, and the Information Security domain’s current state.

In this article, we’ve compiled the following list to help you find the most insightful, engaging, and up-to-date Information Security books to read in 2021. The books are intended for enthusiasts and professionals and authored by expert and seasoned minds in the Information Security sector.

Let us look at the following Information Security books to read in 2021.

1) Principles of Information Security

Authors: Michael E. Whitman and Herbert J. Mattord

It provides a brief panoramic view of fundamental terminological awareness and the proper handling and mitigation of compromised data. It also draws attention to companies’ need to develop effective policies to ensure smooth transactions. It describes how hackers penetrate the device using a variety of different techniques and forms of malicious attacks. Co-authored by Michael E. Whitman and Herbert J. Mattord, this book is ideally suited for beginners and professionals interested in becoming proficient Information Security professionals.

2) Elementary Information Security

Author: Richard E. Smith

Elementary Information Security is an excellent text for introductory Information Security courses and offers a detailed but easy-to-understand introduction to the complex field of Information Security and Technology. Comprehensively updated with recent reports on Information Security incidents, this introductory book helps learners gain direct experience through research and simulation. Elementary Information Security emphasizes learning by practice and deals with technologies and encryption topics ranging from computers to more advanced internet-based systems.

3) Fundamentals of Information Systems Security

Authors: David Kim and Michael G. Solomon

Fundamentals of Information System Security offer a detailed summary of the significant concepts readers need to know while pursuing careers in the Information Security field. The emerging risks, threats, and vulnerabilities associated with digital transformation are discussed in the book, including how industry, government, and people function today.

Part 2 provides a high-level description of each of the seven areas certified for a System Security Certified Practitioner and is adapted from the Official (ISC)2 SSCP Certified Body of Knowledge. The book concludes with a resource accessible to readers who wish to receive additional Information Security guidelines, training, certifications, and compliance legislation. With its practical, conversational writing style and step-by-step examples, this book is an absolute must for people entering the field of Information Security.

4) Foundations of Information Security: A Straightforward Introduction

Author: Jason Andress

The best-selling author Jason Andress complies with a high-level survey of the fields of Information Security, in this book, from authentication and permission to confidentiality and penetration tests. The book uses real-world case studies of security breaches to explore common applications such as operational protection, network architecture, operating systems hardening and patches, mobile device securement, and security evaluation tools in host and application areas. Foundations of Information Security is a valuable resource for mid-level Information Security professionals or anyone new to the field to begin a journey into the dynamic and rewarding field of Information Security.

5) Management of Information Security

Authors: Michael E. Whitman and Herbert J. Mattord

The book focuses on key policy and management aspects of the security of information. It also includes Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) to help you prepare efficiently for certification. It provides the latest trends and development in the Information Security field concerning the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and security governance along with emerging concerns such as Malware, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things.
This list is a fantastic combination of Information Security books for both beginners and professionals. Information Security is a dynamic and fragile industry, and one must read from reliable sources to have relevant knowledge about this industry.

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