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We are living in a digital world where everything has now been taken to the internet. Whether it is storing data or getting access to information, we seek assistance from the internet to get things done. The growing involvement in the cyber world makes us prone to cyber threats. 
There’s no doubt in asserting that cyber crimes are increasing at an exponential rate. The criminals or hackers of the World Wide Web are intruding into internet users’ personal information and exploiting it for their good. 

“85% of the global industries experienced phishing and social engineering cyber attacks last year.”

The number tends to grow with the passing of time. With the inclusion of innovative technologies and cyber mechanisms, internet criminals are becoming more powerful than ever. They are continuously attacking the internet world and breaching confidential information.

What Causes Cyber Crimes At Such Staggering Rates?

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for ways to make huge money through easy approaches. Their major targets are multinational companies and rich businessmen who possess an infinite amount of confidential data. If we come to think of it, anything that makes us close to the internet exposes us to cyber attacks. 

Take a look at some of the major causes of cyber crimes that you must be acquainted with:

Easy Access System
It is often difficult or impossible to safeguard a system from data breaches that involve complex technologies. Security can only be compromised when the system is easy to access for hackers. Skilled hackers can get unauthorized access by breaching access codes, retina images, voice recognition, etc. They can easily fool the biometric system and pass through the firewall of the system.

Storing Data in a Small Space
A computer is known to store an enormous amount of data in a compact space, and that’s one of the biggest reasons behind cyber attacks. It was after the discovery of computers that cybercrime came into existence. Storing data in a small space makes it easier for hackers to steal data in no time and utilize it for their own profit. Hence, it is advised not to store all the necessary data on the system and segregate it in different places.

Complex Codings
Operating systems make computers functional, and these operating systems are created with millions of codes. Operating systems are programmed by developers who are humans, thereby making the codes vulnerable to errors. Though the slightest loop in the codes might not make a big difference in the functions of the operating system, these gaps can be easily exploited by the cyber-criminal. They can slip in through these loopholes and make the operating system malicious for the users. Complex coding can often become the common cause of cybercrimes.


Anything we neglect and consider easy to ignore can become a grave concern. Cybercrime works the same way. Negligence in ensuring the security of your system can bring you big troubles. A little negligence at your end can provide a welcoming aisle for cybercriminals. Hence, it is necessary to remain vigilant about the happenings in your system.

Loss of Evidence

Hackers generally attack your system in sections, and the evidence regarding their first breach can be easily destroyed. This makes their crime even stronger that cannot be detected during the investigation of cybercrime. Loss of evidence can become an important cause of cybercrime that can possibly paralyze your system and make it more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

Evolution of Cyber Crime

Cybercrime has been prevalent since computer technology’s inception, dating back to the 90s. During those days, hackers would engage in illegal hacking to boost their knowledge and open new avenues for further development. According to a report prepared by the FBI and Association of Computing Machinery, the cyber crimes witnessed in the last few years were not only empowered by technology but also with skills teens learn from schools. Several major causes of cybercrimes make them a concerning issue in the digital world. 

The above-mentioned were some of the significant reasons for cybercrimes that you must be aware of in order to safeguard your interests from potential threats.

How To Prevent Cyber vandalism? 

Irrespective of how much we prepare to protect sensitive data, Cyber criminals always find ways to navigate security and hack our systems. However, this does not mean we cannot protect our systems from the impact of cybercrime. Following are a few cybercrime precautions that, if put in place, can effectively reduce or even stop cyber criminals from targeting your systems,

  • Strong Password: Ensure you maintain multiple passwords for different accounts to avoid becoming an easy target. Also, ensure you do not write them down anywhere, as this makes it all the more easier for cybercriminals to get their hands on and exploit the same. Also, ensure you keep changing the passwords frequently to avoid becoming an easy target. 
  • Protect Your Storage Data: Stealing Data or information is the main cause of any form of hacking. Therefore, it is important that you encrypt all your data to prevent any and every kind of attack on your system or database, as this could prove fatal to your privacy. 
  • Secure your phone/ system: Physical equipment are ideally the target for malicious viruses. Phones and computers alike are always under the threat of being affected by these malware attacks. Therefore, ensure you always download your software and tools from trusted and reliable sources. Also, ensure your operating systems are always up to date. 
  • Use security software: The only way to prevent and protect resources from any kind of invasion is by enabling the right protection. The same applies to phones and computers as well. Ensure you have the right security software in place to avoid any and every security-related complication.
  • Call the right person for help: Never take too much time to reach out for help. There are professionals who are skilled and equipped to help you prevent further damage and protect as much data as possible after an attack. Do reach out to them in time to prevent any further data harm.


Cybersecurity in today’s times is a prime essential. Sensitive data being more valuable than gold, protecting the same from malicious hackers is a struggle for everyone, from personal computer owners to humongous organizations. Therefore every year, billions of rupees are spent on cybersecurity to protect all kinds of data. This has resulted in innumerable opportunities opening up for cybersecurity enthusiasts. UNext offers a robust Postgraduate Certificate Program in Cybersecurity for aspiring professionals to kickstart a thriving career in Cybersecurity in just 8-months.

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