Top 10 Network Security Tools (2021)

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2020 was a rollercoaster ride for every industry worldwide. COVID-19 has pushed organizations to facilitate remote working and use Cloud-based services to be available from anywhere and anytime for carrying out operations with zero interruption. This has increased the average screen-time and generation of Data along with a spike in the cybercrime rate. Phishing attacks rose dramatically in 2020, accounting for 1 in every 4,200 emails. In today’s digital-first era, when cybercrime and threats are at their peak, deploying network security tools has become critical for organizations to ensure their systems and networks’ safety.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 network scanning tools. But first, let’s understand the basics.

Table of contents

  1. What Is Network Security?

2. What Are The Benefits of Network Security?

3. Top 10 Network Security Tools

1. What Is Network Security?

Network protection is referred to the various policies and techniques that restrict unauthorized access and misuse of the computer network and related resources. It also tracks the alterations or delays made in the network. Network Security also offers file and server protection against hacking and unauthorized modifications of the networking systems. The simplest example is the antivirus system. Safety includes protecting data from unauthorized personnel and protecting it from various staff activities. This safety involves preventive, detective, and sensitive network security. Wi-Fi is often secured by the password used for network authentication.

2. What Are The Benefits of Network Security?

Network security tools and resources exist to help the company protect its confidential information as well as its overall efficiency, credibility, and even business capacity. Here are some of the major benefits of network security.

  • Data Protection: Network security controls unauthorized access to the network. A network includes many sensitive details, such as personal data from the customer. Such critical data can be impaired by someone hacking into the network. There should therefore be network security in place to secure them.
  • Prevents Cyber Threats: Most of the threats on the network come from the internet. Hackers are specialists in programming new threats and malware on the internet. If your network security is sloppy, they can hamper a lot of network information through the internet. Network security tools can prevent attacks on the systems and networks.
  • Centrally controlled: Unlike the security software for desktops, a central user named a network administrator manages the network security software. Whereas the former is susceptible to viral attacks, the latter can block hackers before they can cause any harm to the network because the software is built on an internet-free system and controlled by one person.

A company’s network faces threats of every type and size. Therefore they should be ready for a wide range of strategies to identify and defend any threats. However, most businesses are not threatened by individual hackers but rather by groups of well-funded attackers, which target specific organizations. This is why their network security strategy needs to be able to cope with these hackers’ different approaches.

Let’s take a look at the list of Top 10 network security tools:

3. Top 10 Network Security Tools

1. Wireshark

Wireshark debuted under the label of Ethereal. The console-driven tool is a great protocol analyzer, modeled mainly after Tcpdump. Wireshark provides an overview of the real-time network. It allows users to view TCP session rebuilt streams. For security and device resource reasons, many prefer Tcpdump, though Wireshark remains the most common packet sniffer. Daily updates are obtained for the device to suit its robust packet-sniffing capability.

2. Metasploit

Metasploit is available in the open source and commercial Pro version for developers or security professionals. Users may use this network security tool from Rapid7 to scan for over 1,500 operations, including security for network segmentation. It also enables organizations to conduct different safety assessments and strengthen overall network security so that they are more thorough and sensitive.

3. Nessus

Wherever a company has inadequate security settings or faulty updates, this software corrects errors and improves their network integrity. Nessus identifies and repairs vulnerabilities that are detected, including patches that were lacking or incomplete, software bugs, or other general errors in applications, computers, and operating systems.

4. Aircrack

A collection of cracking tools for WEP and WPA, Aircrack provides the ideal solutions for mobile device protection on the internet. For cracking algorithms, Aircrack is robust software. Airdecap for the decryption of the WEP/WPA file and airplay for packet injection is also included in the suite. There are many other tools included in this suite to create a robust collection of Information Security applications. Aircrack is an all-in-one solution for several wireless safety tasks.

5. Snort

It is an open-source IDS that supports every operating system and hardware. The software analyzes protocols, searches/assemblies contents, and identifies different attacks in network security. Snort is an effective intrusion detection and prevention framework due to its simple setup, versatile rules, and raw packet analysis.

6. Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is a tool compatible with only the Windows operating system to retrieve passwords. It can record VoIP interactions as well as decipher scrambled passwords and analyze protocols for routing processes. It uncovers cached passwords, reveals password boxes, crypts, brute-force cryptanalysis, and so on. 

7. Argus

 It is one of the best free and open-source network analysis tools available in the market. Argus is an acronym for Audit Record Generation and Utilization System. The software does, as the abbreviation says, effective, in-depth network data analysis with quick, detailed reporting across large network traffic.

8. Nagios

Nagios applies an all-base approach to the management of networks. It is one of the most effective free network security tools for both novice and expert Cyber Security professionals. Nagios tracks hosts, devices, and networks and offers real-time notifications. It allows users to select which specific notifications they would like to receive. It can track network resources such as HTTP, NNTP, ICMP, POP3, and SMTP.

9. Tcpdump

Tcpdump is a Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible application that precedes the market’s leading tool, Wireshark. It had set the standard in the field of network security. Tcpdump continues to be a significantly efficient network sniffer with a fresh approach. 

10. Splunk

One of the simplest applications with a single interface, Splunk is a perfect tool for those with a budget. It is a paid application with free versions available for a limited period. Designed for real-time and historical data searches, the powerful search feature of Splunk makes tracking applications convenient. Splunk is one of the quick and scalable networks scanning tools. 


Effective network security defines all that may influence any organization’s networks and all that helps prevent those attacks. Network security tools are designed to enable all organizations to take smart approaches in policies and processes to safeguard data, networks, and systems. Network security also involves keeping up with global threats and ensuring networks remain secure from individual hackers to greater coordinated breaching efforts. This article covers the top 10 network security tools that are effective and a must for every Cyber Security professional.

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