Penetration Tester: Career Path in 2020


The companies securities system is the most important thing that a company wants to preserve because the data is the one thing that runs the company and helps in its growth. Anything as important as data needs protection. Since technology has improved so much so as the method of hacking the technology. While in general terms hacking to be considered illegal, sometimes it is also legal.

When someone tries to hack anyone’s data without permission or knowingly tries to destroy the data then it is called unethical or illegal hacking but when the company himself calls a person to try to hack the data of the organization then it is known as ethical hacking or is what is a penetration tester do. To increase the security of the business, the businessman hires a penetration tester.

  1. What is a pentester?
  2. How to become a penetration tester?
  3. How to start penetration testing?
  4. Importance of penetration testing
  5. Penetration testing skills
  6. Penetration tester or pentester job description
  7. Penetration tester career path
  8. What is penetration testing in network security?

1. What is a pentester? 

Penetration testing is also known as pen-testing and ethical hacking which is the process of gathering information ethically. A pentester is an ethical hacker, hired by an organization to identify and resolve security weaknesses and shortcomings influencing their computerized resources and PC organizations. In other words, What does a penetration tester do is hack the data of the organization by taking permission to check the security system for the organization itself?

2. How to become a penetration tester?

The work of a penetration tester is not an easy one, it requires proper penetration testing training to excel in the field. With time, consistency, and regular practice, it can be achieved with greater ease and after getting the knowledge you will gradually start having fun in doing the hacking. There has been a lot of discussion on how to become a pentester so the answer is, take training from reputed centres and start practising regularly on your dream to become a penetration tester.

3. How to start penetration testing?

To become a pentester, here is some deep knowledge for them. Pen testing for beginners include:

A) Knowledge about pentesting

Only starting the practice for pentester will not make you one it is important to know what is pentesting and what does a pen tester do? After understanding pen-testing properly and getting some knowledge about it will gradually help you to become,e an efficient one.

B) Scripting

A pentester should know to script, it is not necessary to be an expert on scripting but a good knowledge will help you to understand the hacking course which will certainly help you in building your won tools.

C) Performing

After having knowledge of scripting, it is necessary to about the permissions first i.e, knowing how dangerous it can be and how to deal with it. Then, you are ready to be a tester and do jobs for a reputed company.

4. Importance of penetration testing

A) Testing new innovation execution

Going out through a penetration test on new innovations, before they go into creation regularly sets aside time and cash as it is simpler to fix the weaknesses and holes before the application goes live.

B) Penetration testing security analysis

Penetration analyzer can bargain a framework without telling anybody about it adequately, this could be demonstrated as an inability to prepare staff on appropriate security checking successfully.

C) Provides security

Pen testing provides security to the organization and saves them from being victims of unethical hackers and pay a large amount of money. What do penetration testers do is safeguard the company beforehand so that it will not bear any loss.

5. Penetration testing skills

To become an efficient pentester it is essential to have some of the skills that will also help him in every stage of life. By fulfilling penetration testing requirements an individual will be able to achieve the goal in a short span of time.

A) Expressions

Regular expressions are the most impressive method of example coordinating. Realizing standard articulations can be very useful for a pentester on the grounds that it permits us to do: text replacement, data splitting, data grouping, etc.

B) Internet basics

People are using the internet in their daily life, so they also must be aware of setting a VPN, register a domain, and much other intermediate-level knowledge of the internet.

C) Keeping knowledge up to date

The pentester must be aware of what is happening in the world like he should be updated in social media like Twitter, Facebook etc. Staying updated in this media will give current information about the society and the world.

6. Penetration tester or pentester job description

There is an enormous increase in the penetration testing need, to secure the firms the organizations are hiring pentester. Earlier the need for them was not that much like how it is now, nowadays each and every organization has to hire a pentester because of growing unethical hacking in the town. Penetration testing career is now having a wider path to opt for. A lot of people are having confusion about whether it is the right path to go for or not, but there are chances that the need for them is going to increase in the near future. 

7. Penetration tester career path

It is better to go for the penetration testing certification path than without a certificate because a certified ethical hacker is of more value and are most hired. There is a lot of certification course in penetration testing like a Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH), Certified Ethical Hacker- master (CEH master), Licensed Penetration Tester- master (LPT) and many other courses are there at an affordable rate. The most demanding security nowadays is in the network. So, it is a good option to go for pen texting in network security. 

8. What is penetration testing in network security?

A network penetration test is a way toward distinguishing security weaknesses in applications and frameworks by purposefully utilizing different pernicious strategies to assess the organization’s security, or absence of, reactions.


Penetration is a good option to go for, there will be a lot of job in the future for them. Giving a competitive salary it is one of the most fun jobs to go for as it gives money to hack the data. To excel in the field you have just shown some consistency and you will be doing the coolest job. With the help of penetration testing tools, you can do the job with ease and with high quality. 

You should practice the job in such a way that you will provide a 100% accurate result without any unethical work. It is necessary to do the task with almost care and should be truthful in doing the job, i.e, not hacking someone’s data without his permission and using it in some unethical work to hurt the sentiments of peoples and earn from it. 

So, have you made up your mind to make a career in Cyber Security? Visit our Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team) for further help. It is the first program in offensive technologies in India and allows learners to practice in a real-time simulated ecosystem, that will give you an edge in this competitive world.

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