Public Key Cryptography: All You Need To Know


Public key cryptography is also known as asymmetric cryptography. It is a method in which two different keys with some mathematical relationships are used. There will be a public key and private key and both of them will be used to bring up a one-way communication system that not only ensures confidentiality but also restores the authenticity in digital signing. In this article, we bring you all about public-key cryptography. The best part of this encryption scheme is that it has both a private and public key.

The public keys are for the users so that they can have a check on the digital signatures and also encrypt the content but on the other hand, the owners of the latter can only have the right and the access to decrypt the content of the data in the message and create authentic signatures ahead. So latest check out a few more detailed information about what is public key cryptography and public key cryptography applications and attacks followed by this introduction to public key cryptography. Stay tuned and do not miss out on any of the content on how public key cryptography works mentioned below so that you can be confident and equally enlightened about this encryption scheme and the business applications and benefits of it.

  1. What is Public-key Cryptography?
  2. Working of Public-key Cryptography
  3. Challenges in Public-key Cryptography
  4. Business Applications of Public-key Cryptography
  5. Benefits of Public-key Cryptography

1. What is Public-key Cryptography?

In this part of the article, we will define public key cryptography. The best scheme of encryption is also known as asymmetric cryptography or as symmetric encryption where protocols are completely based on the algorithms. The public key cryptography definition is simplified here. A pair of keys are always used for the encryption and decryption of the data so that the confidentiality of the security of data can be ensured. Are you thinking of how many keys are used in public key cryptography? The keys are public key and private key and the network users can modify the usage of both the keys as per the history of public key cryptography which can ultimately work for their benefit.

The recipient of the router can decrypt the message and the center of the data can encrypt the message. The private key is with the recipient with the help of which he or she decrypt some message and access can be constrained as per the requirements. While sending personal sensitive or secure data over a network that is not secure then the RSA algorithm of public-key cryptography for dummies is most used amongst all the other types of public key cryptography on a popular basis so that the authenticity and security of the data remain intact.

2. Working of Public-key Cryptography

It is not that easy to understand and briefly explain how public key cryptography works and hence in this part of the article will bring you easy analysis of public-key encryption meaning and all about it. But this can be best understood by going to a public key cryptography example so letters go through the set example below thoroughly to understand how public-key encryption works. The latest imagine that there is a trunk with the law and the lock has to access to two peoples and they are Bob and Alice.

These are the two people who used the trunk and ship goats from a place to another. The normal lock can only have two States at a given time which is locked or unlocked but imagine anyone with fraud or copied key. Yoshi can easily invade the trunk by getting it all opened. This simple and regular form of lock is exactly like asymmetric cryptography where there is only one key used for both the people.

But if we talk of asymmetric encryption which is also known as public-key encryption then such lock can have three states- the first date will be locked but the key will be turned towards the left, the second state would be locked but the key turned towards the right, and the third one would be unlocked where the keys in the middle. Through this system of lock, there can be two keys to unlock the trunk. Hence analyzing the position of being locked one can also get a track of the previous functions.

This is how asymmetric encryption or public-key cryptography works. it establishes a communication which is one way where the center which is a public key user can encrypt the data in a message and can also check the authenticity of the digital signature where is on the second hand the recipient who is a private key user can decrypt the message. And this is why the uses of public-key cryptography are many. 

3. Challenges in Public-key Cryptography

With all such features of public-key cryptography, there are numerous advantages which are enjoyed by the corporate sectors using this method of encryption but there are few challenges that are faced during the usage of public-key cryptography.

In this article, we will bring your disadvantages of public key cryptography that can come across while using public-key cryptography to transmit data or information security conducting a one-way communication method in an insecure network which again becomes much safer.

With the help of public-key cryptography algorithms, speed is one of the most commonly faced challenges. It is known that there are many methods of data encryption that insure faster dealing. But there is a way with the help of which this problem can be overcome and that is combining the public key cryptography with the secret key system so that the advantages of public-key systems can also be experienced and the faster speed of the private key system which is a secured and a secretive one can also be experienced.

Another major challenge that needs to be mentioned under this section is the vulnerability to the attacks by the compromised authorities. Such attacks take place when the cybercriminals choose to pretend to be anyone else by choosing the public keys certificates. Hence day gets access to the public key by using the names of some other user.

4. Business Applications of Public-key Cryptography

The business application of public-key cryptography are huge. One of the most important business applications which have to be included in this part of the article is the use of public-key cryptography in Bitcoins where the owners of the money wallet are allowed to transfer or withdraw the money with the help of the system. Another example that can be set to understand the real-time business application of public-key cryptography is the use of the website. Whenever we reached out to a website that is secured by HTTPS we use the public key cryptography method for the encryption of data.

5. Benefits of Public-key Cryptography

The benefits of public-key cryptography methods are many and in this part, you will get to know each one of them enlisted in the below pointers:

  • The security of the data is one of the most celebrated benefits of public-key cryptography. Since there are two keys available for the encryption of the data where one is private and the other is public as mentioned above, it becomes much easier to safely decrypt the data in an unsafe network. So, the authentication using public key cryptography is the first and foremost benefit. 
  • Transparency is another must-include in this list. Since there is a one-way communication established in this public key cryptography theories and practices the transparency of the system becomes double.
  • The authentic creation of digital signatures as well as the validation of digital signatures can also be possible with the help of public-key cryptography principles and algorithms. Hence this has to be another nature benefits of the method.

Final Words

Hence, this is all about the principles of public-key cryptography. We have tried to give you a detailed account of the public key cryptography explained. Here is hoping that you could find our article to be intuitive and enlightening about public-key cryptography standards. 

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